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Enroll Using Schedule Builder

Ability to enroll from a generated schedule or Preferred Schedule by clicking on Enroll button. If enrolled from a generated schedule, Schedule Builder will automatically save your registration as a Preferred Schedule.

Seat Resolution Options

Seat Resolution is a series of options you need to choose from after you click the Enroll button, BEFORE the enrollment process will occur. These options tell Schedule Builder how you wish to proceed. Schedule seat resolution options are required fields (at time of enrollment) even for independent study.

After you click "Enroll," a yellow box will pop up which prompts you to make a decision about how you want to proceed.  

All or nothing: Enrolls student in the complete schedule if there is an open seat for each section.

Any available –  do not use waitlists: Enrolls student in courses that have open seats and ignores courses that are full. A student is not added to the waitlist for closed courses with this option. This is the default selected which can be modified.

Any available – use waitlists:  Enrolls the student in courses with open seats and adds the student to the waitlist for any full sections with automated waitlists. Text notifications are automatically enabled. Student is programmatically added to the waitlist when this option is chosen.

If a student chooses the option to use waitlists, they should click on the “For more information on automated waitlists” hyperlink for additional information on the waitlist process, such as how long waitlists are in effect and the notification process.

If a course is offered for multiple hours, a blue banner displays above the course to choose hours from drop down box.

After choosing a seat resolution option and reviewing the enrolled and not yet enrolled sections of the potential schedule, the student will need to click another Enroll button to officially enroll. 

Two-step enrollment process

Click initial Enroll button from either a Generated or Preferred Schedule and then again from the Seat Resolution Options page. 

  • Successful registrations or failed registrations messages display above Seat Resolution Options.
  • Once enrolled, prerequisite information appears at the top of the Courses/Registration page with statement and link to the prerequisite form.

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