Academic Calendar

A calendar view of upcoming dates regardless of session.  Each session is color coded and the current session will always be dark blue, on the first day of the next session the previous session will drop off and the rest of the sessions will cascade down.  This screen defaults to "All Student Dates" but has a multiple category selection to filter different category options.  The calendar goes from the first month of the current session to the last month of the next like session.  It also has a toggle to show summer subsessions.

Dates by Session

A list view of all dates tied to an individual session regardless of calendar day.  So for instance the default view for Fall 2017 will have the first date in August of 2016 and the last day is Winter Break in December of 2017.  This screen also has a filtering system, but only one category at a time.

Five-Year Calendar

Five-year calendars are updated yearly by the University for Board of Regents' approval. Dates are subject to change.

Course Deadlines

The Course Deadline Lookup will show the begin date, end date, and deadline dates for individual courses.

Desk Calendar

The 2017-18 Desk Calendar is now available for purchase from Printing Department.  Contact that office for details.

Download PDF: PDF icon2017-18_academic_print_calendar.pdf 

Five-Year Calendars At a Glance

Now redirects to the Five-Year Calendar.