Student Records are confidential records. Transcripts are issued only at the request of the student or with his/her/their permission.

Entrance and Transferred Credits.

The transcript includes only work attempted at the University of Iowa. Previously attended institutions are listed along with credit hour information but no information about courses or grades.

Academic Dismissal and Probation.

A student is assumed to be in good standing unless otherwise indicated. Academic Dismissal from a college will result in a notation of “Not permitted to register” and is in effect until the student is either “Permitted to register” or admitted to another college within the University. Probationary status is determined by the individual College and is in effect until the student is returned to good standing.

Semester Length and Student Load

A semester is approximately sixteen weeks. The unit of instruction is the semester hour, which consists of the equivalent of 750 minutes of lecture work or 1500 minutes of laboratory work for a semester.

Course Level

Course numbers are classified as follows:

  • Below 1000 - Remedial
  • 1000 - 2999 Lower-level undergraduate courses
  • 3000 - 4999 Upper-level undergraduate/graduate courses
  • 5000 - 7999 Graduate courses
  • 5000 - 5999 Engineering undergraduate/graduate courses
  • 8000 - 9999 Professional courses.

Pre-Fall 2014:

  • Below 100 – for undergraduate
  • from 100 – 199 for undergraduates and graduates
  • 200 or above for graduates.

Class Rank

The University of Iowa does not calculate class rank.

Grade-Point Average

Only University of Iowa courses are used in computing grade-point average. Each level of study is calculated separately except College of Pharmacy students continued from an undergraduate college.