Beginning with the Fall 2016 session all new enrollments at the University of Iowa will be assessed a single "University Records and Documents Fee".  The new non-refundable fee combines existing fees into one package to facilitate assessment, student service, and satisfaction.

More information about the creation and approval of the University Records and Documents Fee can be found on the IowaNow website.

University Records and Documents Fee 

  • Degree Seeking Students - $225 (first enrollment) 
  • Non-Degree Seeking Students - $75 (second enrollment) 
  • Returning students who have not earned a degree, have been absent more than 1 year, and have not been assessed the fee in a previous session will be assessed according to their status of Degree Seeking or Non-Degree Seeking.

The intent of this fee is to assess the fee one time and thereby eliminate subsequent billings and student annoyance.  The 'one and done' concept eliminates future frustrating assessments throughout the student's career.  Furthermore, it is important to note that this fee truly covers the lifetime of a student and creates a positive image of both the Office of the Registrar and the University of Iowa.

Summary of the benefits of a single, combined fee:

  • Eliminates the billing for graduation fees, transcript fees, fax fees, changes of registration fees, late registration fees (days 1 - 10), and diploma replacement fees for all current and former students and alumni
  • Goodwill created by providing free transcripts to all former students and alumni
  • Stops the cycle of repeated fees to students
  • Eliminates the last minute cost to graduating students by replacing the graduation fee
  • Initial assessment can be included in financial aid budgets and addressed in financial aid awards
Fees replaced by the University Records and Documents Fee
Fee Amount
Diploma Replacement Fee $25
Fax Fee $7
Graduation and Degree Application Fee $75
Drop/Add/Change of Registration Fee  $12
Late Registration Fee (Day 1 - 5) $30
Late Registration Fee (Day 6 - 10) $60
Transcript Fee (First and Additional Copies) $16
Transcript Fee (Special Handling Charge) $5