Schedule Builder Terminology

Before logging in to Schedule Builder, please review the Schedule Builder Terminology page.  

 Schedule Builder Access

  • Login to MyUI with your HawkID and Password
  • Go to the Courses/Registration tab
  • On the right hand side, click Schedule Builder

How to Use Schedule Builder

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Resolving Error Messages

Additional Help

Please consult the Schedule Builder Help Chart to determine who to contact for assistance with Schedule Builder. 

Schedule Builder Tips and Tricks

Why am I unable to Enroll?

Please keep in mind you will not have the opportunity to enroll until your registration day/time assignment occurs.  In addition, any registration holds in place will need to be resolved before you will be able to enroll. 

If your registration day/time has not yet occurred, and/or there are registration holds in place, you will see the following message in Schedule Builder: Our records show that you may not register for the upcoming session.  Please visit the Registration Dashboard for more information.  

Resolving Error Messages

Depending on Filters, Course selections, prerequisites and restrictions, students may encounter error messages when attempting to build schedules and enroll in courses. Error messages will display with instructions to resolve the conflicts. Click HERE to review potential error messages and how to resolve them.  


When you're ready to enroll using Schedule Builder, you must review Seat Resolution Options.  There are two options regarding waitlists: to only enroll in courses that do not have waitlists, or to enroll in courses with open seats AND add yourself to waitlists for courses that are full.  

If you choose the option to use waitlists, Schedule Builder will automatically add you to the waitlist for the course.  You should click on the “For more information on automated waitlists” hyperlink for additional information on the waitlist process, such as how long waitlists are in effect and the notification process.

The following example shows the enrollment outcome for a student who chose the Seat Resolution Option "Any Available - use waitlists." A blue alert box appears notifying the student they were added to the waitlist for RHET:3130:0001.  The blue text below seat resolution options instructs the student to click for more information on automated waitlists.  The schedule shows the student was successfully enrolled in RHET:1030:0039 and was put on the waitlist for RHET:3130:0001. 

Visit the Waitlists page on the Office of the Registrar's website for more information.  


The filter choices you make in Schedule Builder will determine what courses are returned as options.  For non-orientation students, within My Filters, deselecting the "Available to Me" option will return courses that are full, have prerequisites you haven't met, and/or have course restrictions.  You can also override the "Available to Me" filter at the course level.

After adding courses requiring prerequisites to your Course Cart, you will see a red "Missing Prerequisites" alert under the Course Title.

Clicking that alert will tell you what the pre-requisites are and your next steps in submitting a “Prerequisite Permission to Enroll” form, which needs to be processed before Schedule Builder will create schedules for you. The form requires the enrollment session, course number, and the reason you require permission to take that course. Once the form been processed, if you do meet the prerequisites through current or previous coursework, you will be able to create schedules with that course included.

Visit the Prerequisite Information page on the Office of the Registrar's website for more detailed information about prerequisites.  

Special Permission

Some courses have a variety of restrictions that might require a student to obtain special permission from a department.  To view courses requiring special permission for which you have not yet been granted, either uncheck the "Available to Me" filter in My Filters, or use the "Override Available to Me" Course Filter.  Either of those choices will allow a student to build schedules without having special permission granted.  

Before early registration, you should reach out to the department to see if special permission will be granted for you.  The department may administratively grant permission, or they may give you a special permission code.  

When you are ready to Enroll, you will then be prompted to enter the special permission code you were given.