This page provides updates and instructions as Course Offering policies and procedures evolve. Please choose a session or topic below to view Course Offerings guidelines and instructions. 

Course Offering Updates by Session

Spring 2022 - Hybrid Delivery Mode

Hybrid Delivery Mode Update

For spring 2022, only one Hybrid delivery mode will be utilized in MAUI. The Hybrid with Rotation and Hybrid without Rotation delivery modes will be discontinued in August 2021. Course Offerings with either of those delivery modes will be converted to the new Hybrid delivery mode by Office of the Registrar staff. 

In MyUI, the supporting text accompanying the Hybrid delivery mode will read: "A flexible course where students will have both face to face and virtual instruction."

Departments should utilize the MyUI Course or Section Description fields to provide additional information to students about how the course will function. 

Spring 2022 - Distance and Online Education "EX" Sections

The following changes will be made beginning with spring 2022 offerings:

  • We will use the word "Online" rather than WWW/World Wide Web or WWW/Plus Meeting in the (City) Time/Location field

Synchronous: the entry will reflect the time of day and day of the week meeting pattern with the word "Online."


Image shows time/location information with a set meeting pattern and "Online" in the City location field.


Asynchronous: the entry will reflect ARR "Asynchronous Online"


Image shows time/location ARR with "Synchronous Online" listed in the City field.


Delivery Mode Updates

  • Hybrid: The Delivery Modes will be replaced for all DOE courses that have both Face to Face and Web Delivery modes. The Office of the Registrar team will update the Delivery Mode to Hybrid for all spring 2022 sections already submitted. 
  • Fully Online: Discontinue use of Virtual Classroom (synchronous, scheduled online meeting) as a Delivery Mode. The Virtual Classroom Delivery Mode will be inactivated in MAUI after all offerings have been identified and updated for spring 2022. The offerings will reflect only Web Delivery Mode going forward.

Fall 2021

The following information is relevant for fall 2021 courses, and will be updated as new information becomes available.

  • Fall 2021 courses published to MyUI on March 1. We will continue to process new course and course change requests in the order they are received. As a reminder, when a course is sent through for revisions, the course is temporarily unavailable for students to use while building schedules in MyUI.
  • Despite shift in campus policy on May 20, 2021, it was determined that all lectures with opt enrollment 150 or greater which were previously adjusted to Web delivery mode will remain as listed due to ongoing registration and first-year orientation commitments.   
  • We will resume the previous practice and policy that any section scheduled to be held as fully online/web Delivery Mode should be created as an EX* DOE section. However, lectures that will be manually adjusted by the Office of the Registrar, will retain their standard section number as an Academic Unit Course Management Type.
  • Planned return for pre-pandemic operations at pre-COVID capacity for in-person meetings, classes and aerosol generating activities to standard use in spaces without enhanced filtration.

Please direct questions about fall 2021 course offerings to Classroom Scheduling