University of Iowa Student Consent For Release of Student Records

Students may grant permission for the University to disclose or discuss student record(s). The application can be found after logging into MyUI by clicking the Student Information tab. Under the Student Life Management heading is Student Record Consent Form. Students can create a consent form by clicking on “Create A New Release”.

All other requests must be provided in writing on a case by case basis, submitted to the Registrar's Office.

If you have a MyUI account, you can use the following link to access the form directly.

Student Records Consent Form

Guest Accounts on MyUI

A University of Iowa student can create guest accounts on MyUI. The ability to view information in MyUI through a guest account does not constitute a waiver of FERPA restrictions. Guest users are not allowed to discuss information viewed through a guest account with University officials without an Academic Record Consent Form on file as referenced above. Guest MyUI accounts (including resetting passwords) are under sole the control of the student. With a guest account, students can provide view-only access to any or all of the following pages:

  • Class Schedule
  • Grades
  • Financial Aid
  • Admission Profile
  • Tuition/Fees and University Bill

Letter of Recommendation Release

PDF icon Letter of Recommendation Release.pdf