Attendance Reporting

Instructors are now required to report Attendance Status on all F, N, or U grades at the time of final grade entry.

Reporting Attendance Status


Attendance Definitions

  • Stopped Attending: Student did at least one of the following academic activities and then stopped:
    • attended a class or o participated in an academic activity or
    • submitted an assignment or
    • took an exam
    • other examples are online
  • Last attendance date : This is the last known date of academic activity. This date determines how much financial aid a student will be allowed to keep and how much must be repaid. The latest but most accurate date is critically important.
  • Never Attended a Class: Student did not participate in a single academic activity or attend a single class.
  • Completed Course: Student completed coursework for the class throughout the semester/session but failed to pass the class.

If "Stopped Attending" is select, a "Last Attendance Date" is also required.  Please be aware that the date selected must fall between the beginning and end date of the course.

Last Date of Attendance Entry

Instructors can save their final grades without the Attendance Status or Last Attendance Date, however these fields must be entered before grades can be submitted to the Course Supervisor or DEO.

Grade Import

Currently, ICON/Canvas does not have the ability to support the Attendance Status and Last Attendance fields.  For the in-page ICON import, final grades will be loaded into the MAUI page but instructors will then need to go through and enter the Attendance Status and Last Attendance Date for all F, N, and U grades before submitting.

Grade Changes

The Financial Aid Office is required to report on Attendance Status within 30 days of the close of classes.  If an instructor wishes to update attendance information on a student already reported with an F, N, or U, please send an email to

If a student's grade has changed from passing to an F, N, or U grade.  Instructors can report attendance status and last attendance date in the grade change area.  Financial Aid will then run a report to update their records within the 30 day time period.

If a student's grade has been change from an F, N, or U to a passing grade.  The attendance status and last date of attendance will drop off and no longer be valid.  These will also be managed through Financial Aid reporting.