Textbook/Resource Ordering Options

Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore Information

Follett Discover (Textbook/Resource Ordering)

The Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore utilizes Follett Discover, a system where Departmental Administrators and Faculty can place textbook/resource orders online. 

Please visit our Follett Discover help page for instructions and additional resources. 

Hawk Shop Contact Person

Sherry Sinnott, Course Materials Manager, Iowa Hawk Shop

Iowa Hawkshop Transition Memorandum


ICON Direct

ICON Direct is the University of Iowa's initiative for ordering required digital content from specific publishers and delivering this content to students and faculty through their ICON Course sites at a special discounted cost. Visit our ICON Direct page for details and information on how to place orders through ICON Direct.

ICON Direct Contact Information

Additional Information

  • If you place orders with a local bookstore you must also place the same order with the Iowa Hawk Shop. 
  • Do not place textbook/resource information in the MyUI Courses or MyUI Sections areas in MAUI. Textbook/resource information added in these areas may be deleted by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Please do not use the Other Resources and Additional Information area to enter ISBN information or book titles. Instead please order the items through the bookstore(s).
  • Please do not list other bookstores (local or online) in the Other Resources and Additional Information field. Instead, utilize the course syllabus to provide the information.

No Textbook Required/No Materials to Adopt

Preferred: Using Follett Discover, courses listed with "No Materials to Adopt" will update in MAUI to show "No Textbooks Required," and the course section will be in HEOA compliance. 

Alternate: Administrators enter "No Textbook Required" in MAUI Offerings Planner for course sections not requiring textbooks. The course section(s) will be in compliance but the information will not be reflected in Follett Discover.


Textbook/Resource Compliance Guidelines

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires that book titles, ISBN numbers and prices of required and recommended books and other materials for any course are included on the institution's electronic schedule of courses in time for student registration.

The Office of the Provost encourages instructors to place their textbook order by Early Registration with either ICON Direct, Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore, or the ISBA Law Bookstore as the result of an electronic data upload process. When the departmental representative places an order with the chosen location, a data feed of required textbook details including the ISBN will be returned by direct feed into MAUI Offerings Planner. Once the data feed has been returned to MAUI, a departmental representative will be able to choose if the textbook is required, recommended, or optional.

All textbook and resource orders should be finalized in MAUI by Early Registration, but no later than four weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the textbook is to be used by students. If textbook or resource orders cannot be placed by this time, departmental representatives now have the option to indicate their extenuating circumstances in MAUI. These options include: instructor not assigned, course under development, or materials not available. Textbook information is only required for Lecture and Standalone sections. Textbook information is not required for related sections such as: lab, discussion, lab/discussion, and independent study.

Textbook/Resource Ordering Procedures


Textbook/Resource Contact Information


Other Resources and Additional Information


No Textbook?


    Textbook and Resources Tips and Tricks

    Process for Ordering from Multiple Book Stores

    All textbooks and resources should be ordered through the Iowa Hawkshop and University Bookstore, ICON Direct, or the ISBA Law Library. If you wish to have books available from more than one local book store, please contact each business individually to place orders. Files from local bookstores will continue to be uploaded if provided. Orders placed with other bookstores will not display on MAUI/MyUI and should be indicated in the course syllabus.

    All textbook line items will appear in MAUI/MyUI. Administrators can indicate if items are Required, Recommended, or Optional. 

    Book Store Contact Information

    Making Edits to Textbooks/Other Resources displayed in MAUI/MyUI

    How textbooks/resources display in MyUI

    The Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore, in order to provide resources for student veterans and students receiving financial aid, will acquire information about textbooks placed in the Other Resources area. 

    Textbooks not displaying as expected?

    First, check the textbooks and resources panel in MAUI. If the textbooks are listed, confirm the "Display on MyUI" field is set to "display." If it is not, make the necessary updates.  

    If you encounter other questions, concerns, or errors, please email reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu

    Other Resources and Additional Information

    The other resources/additional information field is primarily intended as a location to enter details about course packs, equipment, and other non-textbook items.  

    No Book Store Preference

    If the instructor/department has no preference regarding which book store is listed, we recommend the following:

    Please place the order with the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore. Book details, including ISBN, will populate MAUI/MyUI via data exchange. The Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore provides a cost-comparison on their website so students can determine where they prefer to purchase their books. Placing the order with the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore also meets the needs of student veterans and students who utilize financial aid to purchase textbooks. 

    The alternative is to utilize the "Enter New Non-Textbook" area in the Textbooks and Resources panel. Please be advised:

    • If ISBN information is entered in this area, the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore will acquire the information as a part of the data exchange and will order the textbooks.

    Courses Not Requiring Textbooks and Extenuating Circumstances

    If a course or section of a course does not require textbooks, action needs to be taken by a departmental administrator to indicate in MAUI that there are no required textbooks. Instructors do not have access to make these changes in MAUI. Likewise, if there is an extenuating circumstance which prevents textbooks from being entered, an extenuating circumstance should be indicated. In both cases, the "no textbook required" and "extenuating circumstance" selections can be copied to all sections of a course, if desired. 

    If a textbook order comes in after "no textbook required" or "extenuating circumstance" is indicated, the textbook information will overlay the previous entry and will not require the departmental administrator to make any changes in MAUI. 

    0IND (Independent Study) courses are excluded from having to enter "no textbooks required."

    Textbooks: Required, Preferred and Optional

    When placing textbook orders, please let the bookstore know if the textbook is Required, Recommended, or Optional for student purchase. These "Purchasing Options" are provided to give students a better explanation of what is truly needed for the course. All textbooks will be listed as Required by default if not otherwise specified by the department. 

    Purchasing Options


    • Indicates the textbooks are essential for success in the section.
    • All textbooks will be listed as "Required" by default when loaded from the book stores into MAUI.


    • Indicates a textbook is additional reading material, should a student wish to gain a deeper understanding of the course. 
    • Needs to be selected as "Recommended" in Offerings Planner.


    • Indicates that a student must select one or more of the "Optional" books listed.
    • Needs to be selected as "Optional" in Offerings Planner. 
    • If there are multiple textbooks listed as "Optional," we recommended adding supporting text in the "Create New Non-Textbook Resource" panel to guide the students. 

    Reminder Emails to Instructors and Administrators

    The Office of the Registrar periodically sends reminder emails each session regarding textbooks/resources. The emails sent to Administrators and Instructors are similar but not identical.

    To NOT receive these emails:

    • Order was placed with a preferred bookstore
    • Other resource is listed
    • Extenuating Circumstances must be indicated
    • "No Textbook Required" must be indicated
    • The course is an Independent Study course



    You are receiving the following email as textbooks and/or resources have not been submitted for following Spring 2018 courses and you are listed as the primary instructor:


    If you or your departmental administrator have placed a textbook or resource order with the bookstore for these courses and feel that this message was sent in error, please contact the bookstore.

    Bookstore Contact Information for Textbook and Resources Orders

    The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires that book titles, ISBN numbers and prices of required and recommended books and other materials for any course are included on the institution's electronic schedule of courses in time for student registration. Thus, all textbook and resource orders should be finalized in MAUI by Early Registration, but in no event later than four weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the textbook is to be used by students.

    Some departments utilize administrative staff to collect and place textbook orders for instructors. Others ask instructors to place their own orders. Those decisions continue to be made by the department and are not impacted by textbook and resource enhancements in MAUI/MyUI. As the result of an electronic data upload process, we encourage you or your departmental administrator to work with the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore, Iowa Book, Prairie Lights, or the ISBA Law Bookstore to place orders.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu.

    What is an Open Educational Resource (OER)

    Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers, and which also carry legal permission for open use. Generally, this permission is granted by use of an open license (for example, Creative Commons licenses).

    PDF iconOpen Educational Resources (OER) Brochure

    OER Offers:

    • Free electronic materials for students, with low-cost print options available
    • Free access to course materials both before and after a course
    • Instructor freedom to modify or add content to course materials
    • Increased student retention and lower drop rates due to course material costs
    • Improved student performance and student satisfaction
    • A wide variety of materials types: syllabi, lesson plans, videos, and full textbooks