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Course Changes - Drop, Change, Drop All Courses

Once enrolled, courses cannot be dropped or modified in Schedule Builder. Enrolled courses in your Course Cart are indicated with a gold box. If you hover over the gold box the following message will appear: "You are enrolled in this course and cannot edit it here."

If you wish to make an enrollment change for a course you must return to the Courses/Registration page. There you will see the List View of your schedule, with the option to make enrollment changes. Options include Drop, Change (section, hours) and Drop All Courses.  

Course Changes - Add

Courses can be added several ways. If you're already enrolled in courses, you want to add more, and you know the course number(s), it is suggested you add the course(s) via Course Browse. You will have the option to add the course to your Course Cart via the green "Add to Scheduler" button. You will be prompted to select Course Level or Section Level (if there are multiple sections of the course). Or, if you know you want to add the course, you can click the blue "Enroll" link.  

You can also use the Course Search feature in Schedule Builder to find courses to add.  

Please visit the Changes of Registration page for detailed information regarding drop deadlines, change of registration forms, and more.  

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