Each college within the University of Iowa has specific department course codes and numbers. Please select the college to view the specific information. 

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Department Code Number Description
Tippie College of Business
ACCT 06A Accounting
BUS 06B Business Administration
ECON 06E Economics
FIN 06F Finance
MGMT 06J Management & Organizations
MSCI 06K Management Sciences
  06L Industrial Relations & Human Resources
MKTG 06M Marketing 
MBA 06N MBA Program
ENTR 06T Entrepreneurship 
BNDT 620 Business Nondepartmental
Department Code Number Description
College of Dentistry
  081 Fixed Prosthodontics
OPER 082 Operative Dentistry
ENDO 083 Endodontics (Dental Technology until 1977)
PROS 084 Prosthodontics
  085 Oral Pathology (prior to 1976)
OPRM 086 Oral Pathology, Radiology, and Medicine
OMFS 087 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  088 Dental Hygiene  (Oral Surgery until 1965)
ORDN 089 Orthodontics
PEDO 090 Pediatric Dentistry 
PERI 092 Periodontics
  093 Oral Biology
PCD 111 Preventive and Community Dentistry 
DENT 112 Dentistry Nondepartmental 
FAMD 114 Family Dentistry
ORSC 151 Oral Science
Department Code Number Description
College of Education
  07A Adult Education
EPLS 07B Education Policy and Leadership Studies
RCE 07C Rehabilitation and Counselor Education 
  07D Educational Administration
EDTE 07E Elementary Education 
  07F Social Foundations
  07H Higher Education
  07M School Psychology
PSQF 07P Psychological and Quantitative Foundations
  07S Secondary Education
  07T Teacher Corps
  07U Special Education
EDTL   Teaching and Learning
EALL 07X Education Interdepartmental 
REA 205 REACH Program
Department Code Number Description
College of Engineering
BME 051 Biomedical Engineering (Engineering until 1976)
CBE 052 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
CEE 053  Civil and Environmental Engineering 
ECE 055 Electrical and Computer Engineering 
IE 056 Industrial Engineering 
ENGR 057, 059 Engineering Core
ME 058  Mechanical Engineering
  059 Mechanics and Hydraulics (until 1976)
    Additional information on 500 course number codes used Fall 1976 to Fall 1984
Graduate College
Department Code Number Description 
SLIS 021 Library and Information Science
AMCS 22A Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences
URP 012 Urban and Regional Planning
UICB 018 Center for the Book
GENE 127 Genetics 
NSCI 132 Neuroscience
MCB 142 Molecular and Cellular Biology
IMMU 148 Immunology 
BISC 156 Biosciences Program
PORO 160 Rhetorics of Inquiry
TBM 163 Translational Biomedicine
SLA 164 Second Language Acquisition 
IWP 181 International Writing Program
TOX 198 Human Toxicology 
IGPI 200 Informatics
IP 287 International Programs
GRAD 650 Graduate College Nondepartmental
College of Law
Department Code Number Description 
LAW 091 Law
LWAB 660 Law College Nondepartmental
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department Code Number Description
  BGS Bachelor of General Studies
  BLS Bachelor of Liberal Studies
  00L Iowa Lakeside Laboratory
  001 Art
ARTS 01A, 01B Fundamentals, Elements of Art
CERM 01C Ceramics
DSGN 01D Design
ARTE 01E Art Education
DRAW 01F Drawing
MTLS 01G Metalworking and Jewelry
ARTH 01H Art History
INTM 01J Multimedia and Video Art
PNTG 01K Painting
PHTO 01L Photography
PRNT 01M Printmaking
SCLP 01N Sculpture
ARTI 01P Art Interdepartmental
  01S Art Studio
TDSN 01T Three-Dimensional Design
BKAT 01X, 01Y, 01Z Papermaking, Bookbinding, Calligraphy
BIOL 002 Biology (Botany until Fall 1992)
CSD 003 Communication Sciences and Disorders
CHEM 004 Chemistry
  005 Child Behavior & Development
  006 Prebusiness
ECON 06E Economics
ENGL 008, 08G, 08L, 08P, 08W, 8WS English, General Education, Literature, English Language and Linguistics Instruction, English Professional, English Writing, Writing Seminars
ENNM 08A English Department Nonmajor Course Work
CW 08C Creative Writing - Writers' Workshop
CNW 08N Nonfiction Writing
FREN 009 French
RHET 010 Rhetoric (Basic Skills Courses until Fall 1992)
  011 Interdisciplinary Courses (Core Courses until 1983)
GEOS 012 Geoscience
GRMN 013, 13E German, German in Translation
  13D Dutch
  014 Greek
  015 Open Major
HIST 016, 16A, 16E, 16W History, American History, European History, World History
  017 Home Economics
ITAL 018 Italian
JMC 019 Journalism and Mass Communication 
  020 Latin
CLSA 20E Classics in English
CLSG 20G Greek
CLSL 20L Latin
  021 Library & Information Science
  22A Applied Mathematical & Computational Sciences
CS 22C Computer Science
MATH 22M Mathematics
STAT 22S Statistics and Actuarial Science
  023, 23A Military Science, Aerospace Military Science
MUSM 024 Museum Studies
MUS 025 Music
PHIL 026 Philosophy
HHP 027 Health and Human Physiology 
HSS 028 Health and Sport Studies
  28D Dance
HPAS 28S Health and Physical Activities Skills
  029 Physics and Astronomy
ASTR   Astronomy
PHYS   Physics 
POLI 030 Political Science
PSY 031 Psychology
RELS 032 Religious Studies
  033 Literature, Science & the Arts
SOC 034 Sociology
SPAN 035 Spanish
COMM 036 Communication Studies
  36B, 36C, 36D, 36F, 36M, 36R, 36T Broadcasting and Film, Communication, Production Studies, Film Studies, Media Studies, Rhetorical Studies, Dramatic Art (Theatre)
  037 Biology (Zoology until 1992)
PORT 038 Portuguese
ASIA, SOAS 039 Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures
JPNS 39J Japanese
SLAV 041, 41S Russian; Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies
SSW 042 Social Work
GEOG 044 Geography
AMST 045 American Studies
  047 Global Studies Program
CCL 048; 48W Cinema and Comparative Literature; International Writing Program
THTR 049 Theatre Arts 
MICR 061 Microbiology
SIED 097 Science Education
  098 Social Studies
BIOC 099 Biochemistry
  102 Urban & Regional Planning
LING 103 Linguistics 
  104 Leisure Studies
  108 Center for the Book
ANTH 113, 213 Anthropology, Anthropology Sub-Areas
  122 Communication Studies
  127 Genetics
AFAM 129 African American Studies
LAS 130 Latin American Studies
GWSS 131 Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies
  136 Quality Management & Productivity
DANC 137 Dance
  138 Physical Education
  139 Physical Education Elective
  140 Unified Program
  141 African Studies Program
  142 Molecular Biology
  143 Honors Program
  144 Philosophies & Ethics of Politics, Law & Economics
INTD 145 Interdepartmental Studies
AINS 149 American Indian and Native Studies
  150 Third World Development Support
GHS 152 Global Health Studies
ASP 153 Aging Studies Program
  154 Sexuality Studies
ASL 158 American Sign Language
ENVS 159 Environmental Sciences 
  160 Rhetorics of Inquiry
MDVL 162 Medieval Studies Certificate
LEIS 169 Leisure Studies
IS 187 International Studies
 PAE 188 Performing Arts Entrepreneurship
ARAB 195 Arabic Language and Literature
CCCC 208 Critical Cultural Competence
SWAH 211 Swahili
ESL 212 English as a Second Language Programs
HRTS 216 Human Rights
FPC 217 Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication
WLLC 218 Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
DST 219 Disability Studies
WRIT 220 Writing
CLAS 610 Liberal Arts and Sciences Nondepartmental
Carver College of Medicine
Departmental Code Number Description
MED 050 Medicine Nondepartmental
ACB 060 Anatomy and Cell Biology
MICR 061 Microbiology
DERM 062 Dermatology 
  063 Preventive Medicine & Environmental Health
NEUR 064 Neurology
  065 Human Nutrition
OBG 066 Obstetrics and Gynecology
  067 Opthamology
OTO 068 Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
PATH 069 Pathology
PEDS 070 Pediatrics 
PCOL 071 Pharmacology
MPB 072 Molecular Physiology and Biophysics 
PSYC 073 Psychiatry 
RAD 074 Radiology 
SURG 075 Surgery
ORTH 076 Orthopedics and Rehabilitation 
FRRB 077 Free Radical and Radiation Biology
IM 078 Internal Medicine
URO 079 Urology
  080 Hospital & Health Administration
BIOC 099 Biochemistry
  100 Occupational Therapy
PTRS 101 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
RSNM 107 Nuclear Medicine Technology
FAM 115 Family Medicine
ANES 116 Anesthesiology
PA 117 Physician Assistant Program
  132 Neuroscience
  148 Immunology
NSG 183 Neurosurgery 
EM 184 Emergency Medicine
RADO 186 Radiation Oncology
CTS 193 Cardiothoracic Surgery 
RSRT 670 Radiologic Technology Program
OTP 671 Orthopitics Teaching
RSTH 672 Radiation Therapy Program
RSMS 673 Diagnostic Medical Sonography
RSMR 674 Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
RSCI 675 Vascular Imaging Technology
RSCT 676 Computed Tomography Program
EMTP 677 EMT - Paramedic Program
RSMM 679 Breast Imaging Program
RSP 680 Radiation Sciences
College of Nursing
Departmental Code Number Description 
NURS 096 All Courses
College of Pharmacy
Departmental Code Number Description
PHAR 046 All Courses
College of Public Health
Departmental Code Number Description
MPH 170 Masters of Public Health Program
BIOS 171 Biostatistics 
CBH 172 Community and Behavioral Health
EPID 173 Epidemiology 
HMP 174 Health Management and Policy
OEH 175 Occupational and Environmental Health
PHG 185 Public Health Genetics
University College
Departmental Code Number Description
IALL  00L Iowa Lakeside Laboratory 
MILS 023 Military Science
AERO 23A Aerospace Studies
HONR 143 University of Iowa Honors Program
ABRD 165 Study Abroad
IBA 168 Iowa Biosciences Advantage 
UIUB 401 University of Iowa Upward Bound
CDE 402 Center for Diversity and Enrichment
REUM 403 Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Microbiology
MSTP 405 Summer Undergraduate MSTP Research Program
IYWS 406 Iowa Young Writers' Studio
CSI 407 College Success Initiatives 
IAP 408 Intercollegiate Athletic Participation 
CCP 409 Career Center Programs
LLS 410 Lifetime Leisure Skills
ORT 412 Orientation Services
SS 413 Student Services
PCP 414 Patient Care Practicum 
UHSG 415 University Housing
SITS 416 Student Information Technology Skills
ULIB 417 University Libraries
SSTP 418 Secondary Student Training Program
VHR 419 VIGRE Heartland REU
FYP 420 First-Year Program