Tuition webpages contain information about the various expenses a student may encounter when they apply to, are admitted to, and/or are enrolled in courses at, the University of Iowa.

  • Tuition and mandatory fees, course fees, and some of the miscellaneous fees in the Miscellaneous Fees area list fees that are applied when a student registers for courses.
  • The financial consequences area explains financial consequences when a student drops a course or withdraws their entire registration after certain points in a session. Deadlines are listed on the Academic Calendar. There is also a Course Deadlines feature that can be used to view deadlines that apply to a specific course or section of a course.
  • The miscellaneous fees area contains lists of academic fees and administrative fees approved by the Board of Regents.
  • The Graduate Assistant/Fellow area contains information that pertains specifically to tuition and fees for graduate assistants or fellows.
  • The tuition related links area contains links to other areas (Billing, Admissions) that contain financial information. It also contains a tuition appeal form that a student can use to appeal his or her tuition assessment if extenuating circumstances apply.