Sample plans are tools that show the sequencing of students’ academic requirements and co-curricular activities mapped across multiple sessions. Each sample plan is connected to an active Program of Study. However, each Program of Study may have multiple sample plans.  

Sample plans are intended to show one way to complete Program of Study requirements that will be applicable for a significant population of students. A student’s actual course selection and sequencing is likely to differ from the sample plan as they work with their advisor to customize their individual plan.

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Helpful Links

Accessing Sample Plans

Instructions on how to locate sample plans in MAUI and MyUI.


Know when it is time to review your Sample Plans.

Roles, Workflow, and Plan Status

The Office of the Registrar uses Universal Workflow to update and create Sample Plans.

Mile Markers

Each line of a Sample Plan is called a Mile Marker. Learn more about how to format information using the Mile Marker system.


Footnotes allow additional plan information to be included.

Workflow Form: Creating a Sample Plan

Instructions on how to create a new Sample Plan.

Workflow Form: Update a Sample Plan

Instructions on how to update an already existing Sample Plan.