Waitlist Administration

This area provides guidance for departmental administrators regarding waitlist creation and maintenance. 

Email Selected Students

  • Allows administrators to email members of the waitlist for a course section.
  • This is an enhancement to the MAUI Waitlist area of the course in Offerings Planner.

For step-by-step instructions on using this tool, please click here

Administrative Waitlist Panel

  • Allows bulk entry of waitlist statuses for a course on one panel.
  • Eliminates the need to update waitlist status on each section of the course individually.
  • Changes to waitlist members and their priority on the waitlist continues to be managed through the waitlist panel in Offerings Planner. 

Please click here for instructions on how to utilize the "Edit Waitlist/Registration Status" panel. 

Administrative Add/Seed Waitlist

Administrators can bulk add students to Pending course sections via this tool. Please review the provided steps for this process, as well as the parameters of use. 

How to Seed the Waitlist

  1. Set Registration Status to Pending. Change Summary Tab to Waitlist. "Seed Waitlist" link will only activate when the Registration Status is Pending and MAUI Waitlist has been chosen. 
  2. Click "Seed Waitlist." MAUI will copy over non-enrolled students who are Active on another waitlist for the course with the same section type. This occurs regardless of section management type.
  3. Waitlist is Seeded. Students are added to the seeded waitlist if they meet registration rules. The same rules apply as if the student were adding themselves to the waitlist. Error message will display for those not seeded.
  4. Review Seeded Waitlist. If there are any students who should be removed from the seeded waitlist, do so at this time. Administrator is prompted to notify or not notify the removed student. (We suggest not notifying them since they are not yet aware they were added to the new waitlist.) For instructions regarding removal of students from a seeded waitlist, click here. 
  5. Send E-mail notification. Click on "Send Seeded/Administratively Added Waitlist Notification" link, which will trigger email/MyUI/text notifications.
  6. Change section Registration Status to Open. Waitlist offers sent as usual.

For step-by-step instructions on how to seed a waitlist, including screen shots, click here

Things to Note about Waitlist Seeding

  • Same section type seeding: stand-alone to stand-alone, discussion to discussion, lecture to lecture, lab to lab, etc.
  • Seeding brings over course identity if the course is cross-referenced.
  • Seeding logic will look at multiple waitlist membership, priority number and time stamp. Example: A student is on two waitlists, in position #3 on one and position #4 on another. They would be seeded as #3 on the seeded waitlist.
  • If multiple students have the same priority number, seeding is based on earliest time stamp.
  • Seeding brings over texting options students opted into with their previous waitlist.
  • If a student is seeded on the new waitlist, they are not automatically removed from the prior waitlist.
  • Seeding a waitlist for a summer course will seed students on the waitlist for other sections of that course, regardless of summer sub-session. 

Waitlist and Seat Reservation Integration

For more information regarding this tool, please click here