Current Grading System
Plus/minus system effective Summer 1988.
Effective Fall 2012 - The University of Iowa no longer truncates the cumulative grade-point average at 4.00.

For Spring 2020 ONLY - If a student opted for P/N or S/U grading, C- and above became "P" or "S"; D+ and below became "N" or "U".

Grading System
Pass Grades Non-pass Grades
Grade Points:    
A+ 4.33 F Fail
A 4.00 N Non-pass
A- 3.67 U Unsatisfactory
B+ 3.33 AUU Audit Unsuccessful
B 3.00 Other Symbols
B- 2.67 I Incomplete
C+ 2.33 X Excused
C 2.00 W Withdrawn
C- 1.67 O No grade reported
D+ 1.33 R Registered (no grade required)
D 1.00 = Changed grade
D- 0.67 * or H Undergraduate honors section
AUS Audit Successful HC Individual Undergraduate honors earned
H Honors # Grade not included in GPA
H- Near Honors IP In Progress
P Pass    
S Satisfactory