Tuition and Fees Rate Tables

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After clicking the link above, select the session and the college or program you want to view. For Graduate College, you can filter to view rates for a program within a specific curricular college

**Exceptions: This method of assessing tuition and fees does not apply to: Public Health off-campus; MBA Programs; workshop enrollments; Lakeside Lab enrollments; or CIMBA. See Common and University/Program Specific fees to view fee rates for those programs.


To view Tuition and Fee Rate Tables 2000-01 through 2011-12 (PDF files), please choose a year from the archive list below.  If you experience any difficulty viewing the files, please contact the Registrar's Office at

Tuition Rate Tables from fall 1960 to fall 2000 (images from the UI General Catalog) are available through the University Archives: Resource Guide to University Tuition and Fees.