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Things to Note

  • There is only one overall waitlist. There is not a separate waitlist for reserved seats.  
  • Unable to use waitlists and seat reservations together:
    • Sections with One-Click course combinations until all One-Click seat reservations for that section expire (12:01 am on release date)
    • Sections with future seat reservations until seat reservation opens (12:01 am on open date)

Basic Functionality

  • The waitlist program looks at the last student dropped and finds the next similar student on the waitlist.
    • If a reserved seat is available the next student on the waitlist qualifying for the reserved seat, will be sent a waitlist offer.
    • If the offer expires or is declined, the waitlist program offers the seat to the next student on the waitlist who qualifies for the reserved seat (as long as reserved seats have not been released).
  • If there are no additional waitlisted students for the reserved seat, the reserved seat remains open for enrollment until the reserved seat release date.
  • If all reserved seats are used but student enrolling qualifies for reserved seat and an unreserved seat is open, the student is enrolled in the unreserved open seat.
  • If a section has multiple seat reservations for the same population, seats are used based on the seat reservation sort order.
  • Pending waitlist offers are included in the current enrollment count. If a reserved seat pending offer has been sent out, the offered seat will also be reflected in reserved seat used count. Student’s name is also included in the names of students using the reserved seat.
  • If a student farther down on the waitlist qualifies for one of the reserved seats and others ahead of them do not qualify, they would get into the course before the first prioritized student.
  • Once seat reservations expire (are released), waitlists function normally. There are some seat reservations, such as ESL, that are held throughout the semester.

How Student Qualifies for Reserved Seat

  • If the section has a restriction, students must meet both the restriction (or have special permission) and seat reservation criteria to use a reserved seat.
  • If any program of study meets seat reservation criteria and a reserved seat is available, student uses the reserved seat. Use of reserved seat looks at all programs of study for a student, not just primary.  

Contact Reg-MAUI-Support when you need to:

  • Add or modify a seat reservation, including changes in open or release date.
  • Increase number of reserved seats. Seat reservation counts must be adjusted before increasing an opt enrollment count. If not done in this order, the available seat will be offered to the first student on waitlist rather than the one who qualifies for the open reserved seat.

Course Offerings Notes

  • Seat reservations should not be added if the section has existing active waitlist.
  • If seat reservation is added after student is already enrolled, student is not slotted into seat reservation.
    • Lowering the opt enrollment on a section with seat reservations and waitlist can be problematic as seat counts won’t be reflected accurately on MyUI.  
  • There is a current warning on the enrollment count screen; it does not prevent the change from occurring.
  • Will not be able to administratively add a student to the waitlist if student qualifies for an open reserved seat. Student would need to enroll via MyUI.
  • One-Click Course Combinations with related sections
    • Will have waitlist functionality on sections without a One-Click seat reservation
    • Will not have waitlist functionality on sections with a One-Click seat reservation
  • Seeding waitlist:  
    • Any seat reservation should be added or increased prior to attempting to seed waitlist.
    • If a One-Click course combination exists on a section, will not be able to seed waitlist for that section.

MyUI Notes

  • Unreserved seat indicator is updated every 30 minutes with other course information
  • Upon drilling down into a course, seat reservation information presented is live
  • Future seat reservation data is not indicated until the day the seat reservation opens