Fall 2023 Departmental Memo

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MAUI "How To" Worksheet

The MAUI "How To" Worksheet will explain how to enter time and location information into MAUI for those courses with rotating or split schedules.  

Instructional Facilities Governance Reporting Timeline

Please click on the Instructional Facilities Governance Reporting Timeline link to see a full list of deadlines.

Instructional Facilities Utilization Report Instructions

The Office of the Registrar needs your assistance in verification of the course data in order to fulfill our yearly obligation to the Iowa Board of Regents. Your help is crucial to our purpose to provide accurate, sound statistics as a basis of future decision making of space need. Specifically, these statistics are instrumental in campus master space planning of teaching and learning spaces.  Therefore, this space verification process is important to your department, your college and our university as a whole so under representation of space need does not occur.

The MAUI Course Planner is used for review and direct input of any necessary modifications reducing the yearly burden this request places on your department.  Further the Office of the Registrar will provide MAUI training to reduce the challenges in input that may arise due to some curriculum complexities, especially found in the Health Sciences Departments. You can request training assistance at reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu. Also, the Planner Help link is available for reference.

Review and complete required modifications by Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Please log into MAUI Offerings Planner and follow these steps to complete the fall 2023 course offerings verifications. Those individuals assigned to the academic department administrator's role have adequate permissions for this review and update process. The MAUI Proof Copy report is available for verification purposes.  Additional useful reports located in MAUI Reports, Course Sections (Comprehensive-Proof Copy) or Course Sections (Simplified-Approved Day/Time Listing), can assist with the sections' review process.

  1. Verify and correct all information in the fields below for regularly-scheduled on-campus sections. However, sections involving web courses, independent study, off-campus (off-site), honors projects, thesis, dissertations, reading tutorials, research or clinic hours are not included in this report and do not require further verification. Also any section assigned to a classroom or laboratory for less than five total contact hours per room per session is exempt. These instances can remain as “arranged/ARR” sections.  Sections with zero enrollment or in pending status should be canceled due to the negative effect on the data. 
    • REGISTRATION STATUS – verify and/or edit sections as open (underway), pending, or canceled.
    • TIME & LOCATION START DATE and END DATE - only if applicable
    • DAYS MET
    • ROOM
      • Since this report is focused on space utilization it is important that all on-campus sections are associated to actual meeting times and locations in order to receive the appropriate usage values of the classrooms or laboratories in use. These figures play a part in future decision making for your department. However, it is understood that many departments don’t know where or when a section might be offered at the time of session replication or at initial scheduling. Therefore, “ARR” can be used as an initial designation for sections not housed in university classrooms. However, for the purposes of this Instructional Facilities Governance Report it’s required that any information listed in error or left incomplete from an earlier date be modified in MAUI Offerings Planner by August 30, 2023. All sections must have complete information including "arranged/ ARR" sections that meet irregularly or in undocumented locations. Selected sections noted in #1 are exempt from the requirement for expanded information related to “ARR”. If further assistance is needed regarding input of data in the MAUI, please inquire at reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu.
  2. Add any missing information for a regularly-scheduled meeting in a classroom or instructional lab.
  3. Cross-referenced courses should be verified by the administrative home.
  4. Link all coexisting courses appropriately, if not complete.
  5. Once all offerings are verified/modified, no further notification to the Office is the Registrar is required.

Past Instructional Facilities Governance Reporting

List of previous years of Instructional Facilities Governance Reporting.

Contact & Questions

If you have questions regarding these instructions, contact Renee Houser at renee-houser@uiowa.edu or Char Maher at charlene-maher@uiowa.edu.