Audit Retention Plan

Beginning in October, 2016, the UI will begin archiving and purging degree audits that have been requested by students, advisors, and staff.

HawkID audits

The audits requested by campus users that will be most affected are what are 'HawkID' audits, or audits associated with the HawkID of the requester (student, advisor, etc.). These can be Program of Study (POS; majors, minors, certificates) or What if? audits.

Audits requested by student, advisor, and staff HawkIDs

All HawkID audits will be purged with the following exceptions:

  • Audits requested during the current session (Fall 2016)
  • Audits requested during the 4 preceding sessions
    • Summer 2016
    • Spring 2016
    • Winter 2015
    • Fall 2015

HawkID audits accessible by session, fall 2016 through spring 2017

End of Session (EOS) audits

End of session (EOS) audits are run administratively after grades are added to students' records each session and will be archived. Even though these audits are run administratively and not requested by a HawkID user, they will be accessible to students, advisors, and staff.


Students, advisors, and staff may continue to save previously requested audits in their PDF formats to personal computers, laptops, or other devices.

To review the audit retention plan presentation from the October Student Academic Services Users Group meeting, click PDF iconaudit_retention_plan.