Restriction and Seat Reservation Request Form

Please download the Seat Reservation Request Sample File below and upload it to the Restriction and Seat Reservation workflow. It will then be routed to your college for approval.

Click here for a full listing of available restrictions prior to requesting a new restriction.

File Seat Reservation Request Sample File

Seat Reservation Request Deadline

Please note the seat reservation request deadline is 3 weeks prior to Early Registrations for session indicated. Late requests will be subject to review. The Office of the Registrar will not place a seat reservation on a course if it has enrollment or an active waitlist.

For deadline dates, please visit the Academic Calendar and see "Deadline to Submit Seat Reservation Requests for this Session".


How to Request a Seat Reservation Update

If updates need to be made to a seat reservation which has been approved and is already in place, please review the following:

  • Request should be sent by a departmental administrator
  • Email
  • Subject Line: Request a Seat Reservation Update
  • Provide the following information in the message:
    • Session and course number
    • Description of current seat reservation(s)
    • Current number of reserved seats and how the # of reserved seats should be updated
    • Provide a date if the seat reservation expiration date should be updated
    • Provide an updated optimum enrollment count, if applicable