Parts of a course number

 Example: RHET:1030:0001                                                                                                                                    

  • RHET is the department subject code (RHET or Rhetoric)
  • 1030 following the first colon is the course number that indicates the level of the course     
  • 0001 after the second colon is  the section of the course which can be numbers, letters, or a combination depending on whether the section is a stand-alone, lab, lecture, or discussion

Course levels are defined below.

Course levels (Effective Fall 2014)

  • From 0000-0999 are Remedial
  • From 1000-2999 are lower-level undergraduate courses
  • From 3000-4999 are upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses
  • From 5000-7999 are graduate-level courses (except in the College of Engineering where numbers 5000-5999 designate upper-level undergraduate/graduate)
    • Undergraduate students will need to receive special permission to enroll in a course at this level (see College of Engineering exception below).
      • If a course is offered through the College of Engineering or for cross-referenced courses where an Engineering department is the administrative home, undergraduate Engineering students can enroll without special permission; undergraduate students from other colleges will need special permission.
  • From 8000-9999 are professional-level courses

Course levels (Pre-Fall 2014)

  • Below 100 – for undergraduate;
  • from 100 – 199 for undergraduates and graduates;
  • 200 or above for graduates.