Return to View Schedules

In the previous step, you saved one or more potential schedules as your Preferred Schedule(s). Preferred Schedules will appear above the Course Cart area. In this location you can review and delete Preferred Schedules.  

Please keep in mind you will not have the opportunity to enroll using a Preferred Schedule until your registration day/time assignment occurs. In addition, any registration holds in place will need to be resolved before you will be able to enroll. 

The Schedule Builder program uses courses that are in Approved status at the time the student schedule is built. A student would need to build additional schedules once a new section is added or revisit their built schedule to see any modifications made to an existing section.

It is possible that one or more of your Preferred Schedules may have courses/sections that are no longer available. If that is the case, you can either return to your Course Cart and browse more course options, or choose to enroll in the courses that are still available within that Preferred Schedule.  Please review your Preferred Schedules before your day/time assignment, if possible.

Some departments will continue to add courses/sections and modify existing course/section meeting days/times after Schedule Builder opens, continuing into early registration. Schedule Builder and course browse will create schedules based on the courses listings at that time. 

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