You can register for any available session on MyUI once your registration day and time have arrived, you have no registration holds, your U-bill is not past due, and you have been authorized to register by your advisor.

Your registration time will be listed on MyUI two weeks prior to Early Registration. MyUI allows you to browse courses by session. You can view the meeting time and days, course descriptions, prerequisites, textbooks, and the instructor(s) for the courses you are interested in. Use Schedule Builder before your registration time to build possible schedules. When your registration time arrives use Schedule Builder to enroll in all your courses at once. You can also use the Registration tab, choose the appropriate session then enroll in your courses one by one at your assigned time.

MyUI is available in the summer and winter sessions up until midnight the day before the session begins for all registration changes. Once the session begins you can still make registration changes in MyUI but will be given information on permissions needed to make your change. Any change you cannot process in MyUI should be submitted using the email option.

MyUI is available in the fall and spring semesters up until 11:59 pm the night before the 6th day of the semester for all registration changes. Information on how to initial register, drop, add, or change sections or semester hours (s.h.) for courses on MyUI during this time can be found here. The exception is that students will not be able to drop their only (last) course on MyUI. 

Beginning the 6th day of the fall/spring semester, the 1st day of summer/winter session, or the 1st day of any off-cycle course that begins within the regular session, please use MyUI to request a change of registration. Follow the steps in MyUI and obtain the required permissions/authorizations.

If a registration change is not allowed in MyUI then the student should use the email option.

Online Courses – Registration Changes for Students and courses managed by Distance and Online Education 
When your registration change is not allowed in MyUI you will work with Distance and Online Registration/Student Services for online course registration changes. Please find instructions at the link provided or contact, 319 335-2575

Distance and Online Education