MAUI Access Request Form

Users wanting specific access rights will need to fill out a MAUI Access Request Form and submit it to your Dean, Director, or DEO. 

MAUI Access Request Form

MAUI Role Definitions

The MAUI Access Request Form contains roles that are commonly used when requesting student records, billing, admissions, degree audit, name and address information, and departmental/collegiate access rights.  More advanced roles must be requested through the brief description area of the form.  Please email if there are questions regarding the roles on the form or within the role definitions on our Wiki site.

Academic Organizations- Roles by Department/College

MAUI Role Definitions

Questions by Access Area

MAUI Access and Roles FAQ

Who should I submit my MAUI Access Request Form to?

MAUI Access Request Forms should be submitted to your DEO, Dean, or Director.   This can be done by entering their name in the Departmental Executive Officer field on the form. These are the only individuals we will allow to approve access request forms.  If it is routed to any other individual, including administrators, the form will be voided and sent back to you to resubmit.  

The DEO for our department has changed, how do we update their access rights?

Our office is given a list of new DEO's as their appointments changed.  If your department is finding that DEO access rights have not been switched to the new DEO, please contact directly and we will update those rights.

Who has access to what in my department or college?

To determine who has what access rights within your department or college, please visit the Academic Organization panel within MAUI.

How do instructors gain MAUI access?

All instructors, regardless of their instructor type, will need FERPA training to access MAUI.

An Academic Departmental Administrator will then need to add the instructor to the appropriate course in MAUI Offerings Planner.  Please click here for more details on how to add an instructor.

A nightly batch process will look for any instructors who have been added to a course in MAUI within the past 24 hours for a current or future session and create a MAUI account if one doesn't already exist. Instructor access to "My Courses" will be added and the MAUI status is set to "ACTIVE".  A MAUI Access Request Form does not need to be filled out for instructors.