Academic records are information and documents about a student's academic career. Below are commonly requested documents with brief definitions.

Transcripts and verifications are official documents.


An official  transcript is a certified record of academic work done at the University of Iowa. It includes courses, grades, and credit hours earned along with any degrees conferred.


Verifications are official documents used for a variety of reasons - enrollment verifications for loan deferment, health insurance, international student IDs, and employment; gpa verifications for good student discount for auto insurance; degree verifications; and grades & tuition verifications for employer reimbursement.

Grade reports, degree audits and diplomas are not official documents or tools.

Grade Reports

Grade reports contain the academic information from previous institutions, if appropriate, and your University of Iowa academic career. Grade reports are not official documents and should not be used for degree progress evaluation as applicable hours toward degree are not reflected.

Degree Audits

The degree audit is an academic planning tool that allows students and advisors to review programs of study (POS) and progress toward completion of university, college and POS requirements.


A diploma is awarded by the University of Iowa upon successful completion of a program of study. This document is suitable for framing. It is not considered an official document.