Schedule Builder Terminology

Before logging in to Schedule Builder, please review the Schedule Builder Terminology page.  

Schedule Builder Access

  • Login to MyUI with your HawkID and Password
  • Go to the Courses/Registration tab
  • On the right hand side, click Schedule Builder New!
  • In Schedule Builder, on the right hand side in the My Filters area, uncheck the blue box next to Available To Me. 
    • Faculty/Staff: if you are not a student and are not eligible to register for classes, you need to take this added step or no course options will display when attempting to build schedules.  

How to Use Schedule Builder

Help Screens

Video Tutorials

Error Messages

Resolving Error Messages

Additional Help

Please direct technical Schedule Builder questions to Registrar MAUI Support.

Please consult the Schedule Builder Help Chart to determine who to contact for assistance with Schedule Builder. 

For a list of contacts in your college who have used Schedule Builder and are willing to help answer your questions, please consult the Schedule Builder - Collegiate Contacts page.

Schedule Builder Tips and Tricks

Schedule Builder: Faculty/Staff and Student View Differences

Faculty and Staff will have most of the same access within Schedule Builder as students have.  The main exception is that faculty and staff will not be able to use the enrollment features, and therefore will not be able to see how a Course Cart looks after enrollment. 

In an effort to aid faculty and staff a Schedule Builder Administrative View has been created. Faculty and Staff with student record access will have the ability to view students' Course Cart, Filters, and Schedules.  In MAUI, the Schedule Builder Administrative View is located under the Advising area of the person inspector tab. 

Why is a Student Unable to Enroll?

Day/Time Assignments haven't been created

Students will have access to Schedule Builder beginning October 9, 2017.  We anticipate students will begin building schedules and exploring the tool straight away.  While they will be able to add courses to their Course Cart and Build Schedules, they will not be able to enroll until after the time of their designated day/time assignment.  

Registration Holds

If a student has any sort of registration hold, they will not be able to register until the hold(s) have been resolved.  Students will see warning messages if any registration hold is in place.  

Errors when Building Schedules

Sometimes, depending on the selections made, Schedule Builder will not be able to build schedules.  Various error messages will display, depending on the type of error.  More information about error messages and how to resolve them can be found in the Resolving Error Messages page.

Schedule Builder vs Courses/Registration: Uses

Schedule Builder is a helpful planning tool for students.  Ideally, students are using Schedule Builder before their assigned registration day/time to map out courses. 

Students enrolling in their second semester at the University of Iowa were in the Schedule Builder pilot during Orientation.  We expect this population of students to use Schedule Builder again.  We also anticipate many returning students who haven't previously used Schedule Builder will begin to utilize this tool, while others will continue to enroll using the Courses/Registration function. 

Once their day/time assignment occurs, students will be able to use Schedule Builder to enroll in classes.  Students can continue to use the Courses/Registration page to search for courses.  They will see a green "Add to Scheduler" button if they wish to review the course(s) in their Schedule Builder Course Cart. Or, they can click on the blue "Enroll" link.  

Once enrolled, courses cannot be dropped or modified in Schedule Builder. If a student wishes to make an enrollment change for a course they must return to the Courses/Registration page. There they will see the List View of their schedule, with the option to make enrollment changes. Options include Drop, Change (section, hours) and Drop All Courses.  

View the Registration Changes page for more information. 

Resolving Error Messages

Depending on Filters, Course selections, prerequisites and restrictions, students may encounter error messages when attempting to build schedules and enroll in courses. Error messages will display with instructions to resolve the conflicts. Click HERE to review potential error messages and how to resolve them. 


When a student is ready to enroll using Schedule Builder, they must review Seat Resolution Options.  There are two options regarding waitlists: to only enroll in courses that do not have waitlists, or to enroll in courses with open seats AND add themself to waitlists for courses that are full.  

If they choose the option to use waitlists, Schedule Builder will automatically add them to the waitlist for the course.  They should click on the “For more information on automated waitlists” hyperlink for additional information on the waitlist process, such as how long waitlists are in effect and the notification process.

The following example shows the enrollment outcome for a student who chose the Seat Resolution Option "Any Available - use waitlists." A blue alert box appears notifying the student they were added to the waitlist for RHET:3130:0001.  The blue text below seat resolution options instructs the student to click for more information on automated waitlists.  The schedule shows the student was successfully enrolled in RHET:1030:0039 and was put on the waitlist for RHET:3130:0001. 

Visit the Waitlists page on the Office of the Registrar's website for more information.