Fall 2021 Class Schedule Information

In Person Courses

  • Course Lists Room Number and specific meeting pattern 
  • Delivery Mode: Face to Face

MyUI Schedule Calendar View


MyUI Schedule List View


Web Course (Synchronous)

  • Course lists set meeting pattern with World Wide Web
  • Delivery Mode: Web (Synchronous)

MyUI Schedule Calendar View

Image shows calendar view of synchronous web course


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Web Course (Asynchronous)

  • Course lists ARR/World Wide Web
  • Delivery Mode: Web

MyUI Schedule Calendar View

This course will not show up on the calendar view of your schedule because there is no set meeting time. 


MyUI Schedule List View

Image shows list view of asynchronous web course with ARR/World Wide web



Additional Questions Answered

I have additional questions about a course(s). Whom should I contact?

Contact the Course Instructor with any course content or modality (instruction) questions. If an instructor is not yet assigned to the course, or if you don’t hear back from your instructor, please contact the course department which can be found in MyUI.

If you have general questions regarding your class schedule, please reach out to your advisor. 

Will any further changes to courses take place?

The majority of changes to courses and classroom assignments are complete for the initial release of the schedule of courses. However, it is still possible, due to a variety of factors, that changes will occur. Please be sure to check your email and class schedule for changes.

How do I add, drop or change course sections?

Please find information about how to make changes to your class schedule HERE