Calendar Combiner

The Office of the Registrar and Information Technology Services have partnered to create a new portal for syncing the Academic Calendar directly to an Outlook account.  Anyone with a HawkID and password can log into the system and select which Date Categories they would like to appear on their Outlook calendar.

Users can select and then deselect categories and changes will occur to their Outlook calendars approximately 1 pm the following day.

ITS Help Documents

Link to ITS page with more information with getting logged on.

Date Categories

Date Categories are divided up into Student and Faculty/Staff dates.  Users can select categories from both sets.

Student Dates:

  • Core University Dates - Opening and closing of classes, commencement, final exam week, holidays and student breaks.
  • University Classes Closed - Holidays and student breaks.
  • Distance and Online Education - Registration deadlines, holidays, student breaks, and other dates geared towards online students.
  • Graduate Students - Deadlines geared towards Graduate students. Degree application, thesis, plans of study, and final exam reports. 
  • Housing and Dining - Move-in and move-out, dining dates at University Housing and Dining.
  • Registration Dates and Deadlines - Add/drop, withdrawal, prerequisite, late and early registration dates.
  • Graduation and Commencement - Degree application deadlines and commencement weekend dates.

Faculty/Staff Dates:

  • Core University Dates - Opening and closing of classes, commencement, final exam week, holidays and student breaks.
  • University Offices Closed - Holidays when University offices are closed.
  • Course Offerings / Classroom Scheduling - MAUI planner and classroom submission deadlines, final exams, prerequisite deadlines, and other dates geared towards staff who work with course sections.
  • Departmental Admin - Attendance, grade, and midterm submission periods. MAUI Offerings Planner and Course Library deadlines.
  • Grades and Attendance - Dates geared towards faculty and staff who submit  final grades, attendance, and midterm lists. 
  • Registration Admin - Student add/drop, withdrawing, prerequisite, early and late registration deadlines.  Session creation, registration set-up, and more.

 Calendar Combiner Tips

Color Code Session by Category

There is a plan to automatically color code dates by session, but Outlook allows a fairly easy process to accomplish this task.

1. Change your Outlook Calendar view to "List":

Calendar View by List







2. Search and Select for a Session:

Calendar Search and Select








3. Categorize the Session by Color:

Calendar Categorize by Color










4. Continue with additional Sessions.

Repeat the process with all available upcoming sessions.