If your Program of Study already has an existing sample plan, you will need to consider whether that plan needs updating on an annual basis. On the main MAUI Sample Plans page, find your Program of Study and update the most recent plan. As a reminder, the Sample Plans team will create a new plan for the next year if an included course changed its course number or semester hours. For example, if the last plan you worked on was for fall 2018 but now a fall 2019 plan exists in Pending, view the Fall 2019 plan and update that one since that is where the course changes appear.

Once you have found the most recent plan for your Program of Study, click "Update Plan" in the top right corner. Your start session should correspond to when this plan will become active. All start sessions begin in the fall to correspond to the General Catalog cycle.

The text boxes are designed to allow for manually entering mile markers or copying and pasting from another document.

As a reminder: mile markers may be attached to a certain year, term, or listed as Academic Career. Only mile markers that are associated with a specific year and term will pull into a student's MyPlan in that term.

Include any footnotes or additional comments at the bottom of the form.

If you would like to complete your form at another time, select "Save for later." You can return to your form by selecting "Form Search" on the left-hand side of the MAUI Sample Plans page.

Select "Submit to Workflow" to send the form to the Sample Plans team. After the Sample Plans team enters the information into MAUI, the form will route back to you for review, displaying the last approved plan's information on the left-hand side and the new plan on the right-hand side. Any changes needed at this point should be emailed to the Sample Plan team at reg-sample-plans@uiowa.edu.

Once you have reviewed the plan to include all degree requirements and college requirements, click "Approve" to send the sample plan to the collegiate stop in Universal Workflow.

When do I need to submit an Update Plan form? What needs to be included?

Department initiators do need to request these changes that will not be automatically updated by the Sample Plans team: 

  • change in a Sample Plan's additional description field
  • program requirement changes (e.g. a new requirement that future students must complete an additional core course)
  • change in sequence (e.g. moving a course that was previously in the first semester into the fifth semester) 
  • changes in co-curricular, application, research, seminar, internship, informational mile markers
  • change in footnote wording 

Department initiators do not need to request these changes in course information:

  • course renumbering 
  • course title changes
  • course drop from MAUI Course Library 

These changes will be automatically updated by the Sample Plan team because the Office of the Registrar already has this information from the Course Approval process. 

Sample plans do not include information about prerequisite or corequisite requirements. We expect students to navigate to MyUI to find this information. MyPlan shows warning messages if the student is planning to take a course and they have not yet completed the prerequisites for that course.