Administrative Drop Instructions

Administrative Drops can be used when the student has not met the course prerequisites or other requirements. They can also be used if a student has not attended any class session during the first eight calendar days of the semester (four calendar days of the summer session) unless the student has offered acceptable reasons to the instructor prior to the eighth calendar day of the course for beginning the course late.

Administrative drops can be submitted by departments before a session begins and if necessary through the 8th day of the spring or fall session. (allows time to check changes that happen the first 5 days of session in MyUI)
Summer and winter admin drops must be turned in before the session (course) begins or if for non-attendance then by the 4 day of the course.

These drops must be submitted by email with required permissions to or on a PDF icon Change of Registration Form with the required signatures
preferably turned in by the student so they are aware of the consequences.

Below is a sample of an email that departments can use for Administrative drops.

The e-mails should be sent to student, copied to student’s advisor and copied to for processing.

You can make your own version of the sample as long as it includes:
•Student Name
•Student ID number
•course number (department, course and section numbers) and title (course name)
•Reason for drop
•The student’s advisor has been copied. 

For questions about this process please contact or 319 384-4300.

Sample Email

This communique is being sent to you and your advisor as the official notification that you have been administratively dropped from (Department Name) course for which you were registered in (Session, Year) because you have not completed one or more of the prerequisites or requirements. 

(Student Name)

(University ID Number)

(DEPT:CRSE:SECT - Course Title - Prerequisites/Requirement Not Met)

Throughout registration and each semester the department reviews student’s records for the required course prerequisites and requirements.
While I realize it is unsettling to be dropped from courses, the (Department Name) is committed to students having completed the specified course prerequisites and requirements.

If you have questions regarding this communiqué, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,