Student Rights

An eligible student is a student who has reached 18 years of age or is attending the University. Upon written request, students will be given access to all records, files, documents, and other materials maintained by the University that have information relating to the student. Students may be asked to schedule appointments to review their records.

Students Have the Right To:

  • Be notified of their FERPA rights at least annually
  • Inspect and review their records
  • Seek amendment to an incorrect record
  • Limit disclosure of directory information
  • File a complaint with the Department of Education concerning an alleged failure by the institution to comply with FERPA

When do FERPA rights begin? A FERPA-related college education record begins for a student when he or she enrolls in a higher education institution. At a postsecondary institution, rights belong to the student in attendance, regardless of the student’s age.

Parent Rights

Parents may not have access to student records unless: