If your Program of Study has never had a Sample Plan in MAUI before, or if you want to create a new Sample Plan with a different additional description for your Program of Study, you will want to use the "Create a Sample Plan" workflow form.

This form may be found in MAUI by clicking on the Registrar tab at the top, then clicking Sample Plans under Academic Structure. To open the workflow form, click on "Create a Sample Plan" under Sample Plan Workflow on the left-hand side.

  • Start Sessions always begin in the fall, similar to the General Catalog cycle.
  • Choose your College and Program of Study
  • Your Plan Description can help distinguish multiple Sample Plans for a single Program of Study. Example: Starting with Principles of Chemistry
  • Number of Years determines how many years will be in your plan. If the plan is designed for First-Year students you will most likely want to choose 4. If students do not enter your program immediately but it typically takes them 3 years to complete, then choose 3. Transfer plans will most likely be 2 years.
  • Start Term is determined by the semester your plan begins. If the plan is designed for First-Year students you will most likely choose fall. If students enter your program in the spring semester, choose spring. This term will be the first semester listed on your sample plan.
  • Build Years will populate the form with your selected preferences.

Click the check box next to a term where you want to enter information. The text boxes are designed to allow for manually entering mile markers or copying and pasting from another document.

As a reminder:  Mile Markers may be attached to a certain year, term, or listed as Academic Career. Only items listed as term specific will pull into a student's MyPlan in that term. Items listed only as year specific or Academic Career will pull into MyPlan's work area.

Include any footnotes or additional comments at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to complete your form at another time, select "Save for later". You can return to your form by selecting "Form Search" on the left-hand side of the MAUI Sample Plan page.

Select "Submit to Workflow" to send the form to the Sample Plan Team. After the Sample Plan team enters the information into MAUI, the form will return to you to review. Any changes needed at this point should be emailed to the Sample Plan team at reg-sample-plans@uiowa.edu.

Once you have reviewed the plan to include all degree requirements and college requirements, click Approve to send the sample plan to the collegiate stop in Universal Workflow.