Follett Discover is the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore's preferred method to receive textbook and resource orders from Departmental administrators and Instructors. 

Follett Discover Access  

There are two ways to access the Follett Discover system:

  1. Log-in using the Follett Discover Website
  2. Locate the Follett Discover link on ICON

There are two types of access: Concierge (for Departmental Administrators) Access and Faculty Access

Follett Discover Resources and User Guides

The following resources are available to assist with Follett Discover navigation and use:

Additional Ordering Options

Textbook and Resource orders may also be received at or instructors may place orders in person at the Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore. 

When ordering via email or in person please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • ISBN, Title and Author
  • Department, Course and Section Number
  • If the book is Recommended or Required

Reporting No Textbooks Required

There are two ways to indicate there are no textbooks required for a course

  1. Indicate "No Textbooks Required" in MAUI. Instructions can be found on the Textbook and Resource Management page
  2. Indicate "No Materials to Adopt" on the course card in Follett Discover
    1. PLEASE NOTE: ITS is working to link the "No Materials to Adopt" selection in Follett Discover to MAUI. Once that happens, courses with "No Materials to Adopt" listed in Follett Discover will update in MAUI to show "No Textbooks Required" and the course section will be in HEOA compliance. 


Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding Follett Discover. A comprehensive list of FAQs is provided above under the Follett Discover Resources and User Guides header. 

Follett Discover FAQs

My department has a designated person to request adoptions. How do they see all the courses?

Please contact Sherry Sinnott for concierge access for the individual.

Why do you need adoptions (orders) so early?

For us to obtain the books for the students, we need plenty of time to locate the books and find as many used copies as possible. The sooner we start looking the more used copies we will find. If a book is a custom book, package or older edition, we need to have plenty of time to get the books ordered and into the store.  

My course is not listed, what do I need to do?

The bookstore receives imports  from the University of Iowa into our system. If you do not see your course, we have not received the informaiton to connect you to the course. Please contact Sherry Sinnott if you do not see your course. 

What if my order is wrong or I need to make a change in the system?

You can go in and make changes in the system. If you are unable to enter the information please contact Sherry Sinnott for assistance. 

How long does it take for the bookstore to approve my order?

We usually receive the order within an hour of you placing it. Depending on timing and scheduling, it may take a little bit of time to process the order. File uploads from the University Bookstore to MAUI occur each night. If you have waited more than 2 working days (Mon-Fri), please contact Sherry Sinnott to see if the order is in process.

There is an e-book showing in my course. I did not request an e-book, so why is it there?

The Follett system automatically adds e-books to match the textbook. Most students have used eBooks in high school and prefer the e-book version. If you do not want the e-book listed in your course, contact Sherry Sinnott to have them removed.

What if I don’t need a book?

There is a box to check under the course with the verbiage "I have no materials to adopt for this course."