Change of Registration Form or email to

If you are not able to initiate and complete your change in MyUI submit the completed Change of Registration form to the UI Service Center after you have obtained the required signatures. You may drop your form off in person at the UI Service Center - 2700 UCC, attach it as a pdf to, fax to 319 335-1999, campus mail to UI Service Center 2700 UCC or mail to UI Service Center 2700 UCC, Iowa City, IA 52242.

Email option to request a section or hours change

When a change is not allowed in MyUI another option is to use your University of Iowa email to ask for permissions. This would typically be for section changes and hours changes after Day 6 of Fall and Spring. Section or hours changes in any off cycle courses in any session. Day 1 for all of winter and summer session courses.

Compose an email using your University of Iowa email account. Include all needed information; your name, Student ID, course name and course number including section number, credit hours. Clearly state the change you are requesting. Send your email to each area you need permission from. Information on required permissions for all changes can be found at Ask your recipients to "reply all" so you can keep the permissions together if you need more than one. Once you have all permissions, forward your email to for processing.

Changes of registration in MyUI