TO: Undergraduates Eligible to Register for Winter 2015 / Spring 2016

FROM: Julie Fell - Senior Associate Registrar

RE: Undergraduates! Prerequisites Now Enforced During Registration! 

DATE: October 20, 2015

Beginning with this upcoming registration, undergraduate students will be allowed to add a course or join a waitlist only if the prerequisites for the course are successfully completed or are in progress.

  • Undergraduates will be blocked from adding a course or joining a waitlist if a course's prerequisites are not completed or are not in progress.
  • Undergraduates with a prerequisite in progress must earn the required grade in the prerequisite or will be removed automatically from the course after UI grades are posted.

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Q. What grade do I need in a prerequisite?

A. Generally, an undergraduate student needs only a passing grade in a prerequisite unless the ISIS description of the prerequisite lists a higher grade. See the math course below, for example. The prerequisite course of MATH:1005 requires a minimum grade of C- before the student may take MATH:1340. The student could also fulfill the prerequisite in this case by taking one of the math placement tests listed below, scoring at an appropriate level or higher. You can find prerequisite information on the ISIS schedule of courses.

MATH:1340 Mathematics for Business

Prerequisites: MATH:1005 with a grade of C- or higher or ALEKS score of 45 or higher or MPT Level 3 score of 9 or higher.

Q. What will happen if I am taking the prerequisite at another institution but it does not appear yet on my student record?

A. There are two steps to take. Read the information below carefully.

First Step. A student may request an exception if currently enrolled in the prerequisite at another accredited institution. In order to make this request, go to your ISIS homepage and login. Click on the Student Records tab at the top of the page and in the section called "Courses and Grades," go to the "Report Transfer Work for Prerequisites" link. Complete the "In Progress Transfer Work" form found at this link. Upload and attach documentation that gives evidence of registration in the required prerequisite at another institution. This does not need to be an "official" document but must give proof of enrollment, showing your name, the institution, enrollment information, and the date. Screen shots or related documents that can be scanned and uploaded into the form are acceptable if showing proof of registration.

Submit the form online; it will be automatically sent to the department administering the course. You will receive a response within three business day, containing either conditional permission to register for the course or denial of this permission based on the evidence submitted. (In some rare conditions and because of other circumstances related to the request, you might receive "permanent permission." In this case, you do not need to follow step two, below.) The course may be added with conditional or permanent permission if seats are available. Permission to register for the course does not guarantee a seat or a spot on the waitlist.

Students also will be provided access to the "In Progress Transfer Work" form if they are blocked from adding a course during registration. At that point, a student may submit the form with the related evidence attached if the prerequisite is in progress or has been completed at another institution. However, it will save time to fill out the form before registration occurs.

Second Step. After adding a seat in a course, you must still submit evidence of a final grade in the course by the time final grades at UI are posted. If evidence of passing the course from another institution or of earning the required grade is not submitted to the department offering the course, you will be removed automatically from the course. As soon as you have evidence of your final grade, send this evidence to the department offering the course. (If you are taking the course at UI, you do not need to submit evidence of your grade since it will be read automatically once posted.)

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