Thank you! Your workflow has been submitted.

Thank you for completing the TILE Classroom Request Form! 

Classroom Scheduling and the Center for Teaching will review the form and will respond in a timely manner.  During peak request times, i.e. the 1st two or three weeks of the fall & spring semesters, we ask that you understand there may be a delay in processing your reservation.  Events are processed on a first come, first served basis with careful consideration to event date and time sensitivity.  The schedule of courses always receives priority placement in University Classrooms.

When submitting your request, please keep in mind that Facilities Management Access Services & UI Energy Control Center requires a 48-hour (two business day) notice in order to reprogram electronic building entrance(s) and University Classroom(s) locks & to ensure proper climate control. 

Electronic Lock

If the building or UCR entrance is on electronic lock and not unlocked appropriately for an approved after-hours event, contact Work Control Center at (319) 335-5071.  It may be required to show validation of the event confirmation to staff personnel.  If your event occurs on the weekend and requires special access, please note that Classroom Scheduling will only program unlock services up to 15 minutes before your scheduled event unless an exception is noted.  If you contact FM in order to enter a locked building or classroom before your scheduled time, be warned that your department/Student Org may be charged for overtime access services.

Right to Recall

Any special event reservation processed prior to the third week of either fall or spring semester will be scheduled with the right to recall.  However, unforeseen classroom emergencies that may arise will override this policy granting Classroom Scheduling authority to redistribute classroom assignments as necessary.  This stipulation is placed on all events to ensure university classroom space availability for the schedule of courses which has the priority placement within these facilities. 

The user will be notified as soon as possible if the event must be relocated to alternate classroom accommodations. If no university classroom space is available, Classroom Scheduling will assist in locating other campus facilities for the relocated event.


Please review the University Classroom Policies and Regulations and see this page for additional information on TILE spaces. 

No Food or Drink are allowed in University Classrooms!

If you have any questions or concerns about your request, please email Classroom Scheduling ( or the Center for Teaching (