Student Academic Users Group October 2018 Meeting

Time and Location

2-3pm, Wednesday, October 3, 2018 in 2520-D UCC - Add Meeting to Calendar


  1. MAUI Course Offerings Proof Period Announcement - Char Maher - Office of the Registrar - Classroom Scheduling, Jolene Cole and Alysha Ahlf - Office of the Registrar - REG-MAUI-Support
  2. MAUI Access Request Form Updates - Elissa Thoman and Jessica Alberhasky - Office of the Registrar - REG-MAUI-Support
  3. Spring 2019 Textbook Announcements -  Jessica Alberhasky - Office of the Registrar - REG-MAUI-Support
  4. ICON Direct Updates -  Annette Beck - ITS - Enterprise Instructional Technology
  5. New Commencement Website Demo - Joshua Hutchison - Office of the Registrar
  6. Update on Sample Plan/MyPlan Roll-out  - Becky Tjelmeland - ITS


  • Midterm Class Lists are open from October 4- 18, 2018.
  • Student's Winter 2018/Spring 2019 day/time assignments will be available Wednesday, October 17th. The process of assigning times will begin on Monday, October 15 but it may take a few days for the process to complete. If you have any questions, please contact
  • Early Registration is November 5-16, 2018.
  • Last day for undergraduates to drop without Dean's approval is October 29th.