Student Academic Services Users Group December Meeting

Time and Location

2-3pm, Wednesday, December 5, 2018 in 2520-D UCC

1. Registrar MAUI reports published in Campus Data (Campus Data refresher)

Jessica Alberhasky from the Office of the Registrar presented information related to Campus Data.

Campus Data -

Featuring a catalog of reports, dashboards, and data sets from across the university, Campus Data provides the tools to find, understand, and act upon our institutional data. Find the data you need, connect with the teams who know it best, document your knowledge, and share your data to help others.

All MAUI reports are now stored in Campus Data.  While Office of Registrar reports can still be accessed in MAUI Reports, reports can now also be accessed in Campus Data.  Campus Data allows us to provided more detailed descriptions and categories (tags).  Additionally, users have the ability to mark favorite reports. If users choose to access MAUI reports through Campus Data, they can click on the link above and search for the report with the “Find” feature and select the “Registrar” team.  Other areas of campus such as: Billing, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Advising will also be migrating their data and reports to Campus Data.

2. Waitlist Enhancements

Jessica Alberhasky from the Office of the Registrar demonstrated some new enhancements to waitlists.

New Waitlist Enhancements

  • Updated Waitlist Interface- A more detailed overview will be provided at the December meeting. 
    • Additional fields have been added to the Waitlist panel in Offerings Planner including: Classification and Overall Earned Hours.
    • Waitlists are now easier to prioritize.  Academic Departmental Administrators click "Edit Priorities", adjust priority counts, and hit "Update Priorities"!
    • Users also have the ability to email all students on a waitlist.  This feature is similar the email class list feature through the Offering Planner Waitlist panel.
  • Update to Registration Process- A recent change was made where if a course has preferred related sections (such as lab, discussions, with lecture) prior to a waitlist offer being sent, restrictions are checked to be sure the student qualifies.  For instance, if a lecture is not an Honors section but the waitlist available seat is in a discussion section with an Honors restriction a non-Honors student will not be offered a seat in that section.

Upcoming Enhancements

Starting in the spring we will begin working on automating waitlist prioritization.  This enhancement includes: determining waitlist prioritization schema, displaying schema on MyUI, and a building waitlist administrative panel.

3. Course Offerings Planner Calendar Update

Chris Carlson from the Office of the Registrar talked about changes to the Offerings calendar and that Course Approval dates will no longer be listed on the Offerings Planner main page.  More information can be found here.

4. Sample Plan Update 

Fran Boyken and Becky Keogh from Sample Plans of Study - Office of the Registrar shared that 322 plans have been published. This year plans for undergraduate minors, undergraduate certificates, and some Graduate College programs will be added. The Sample Plans team is currently contacting academic advisors, certificate coordinators, and others who administer sample plans with instructions on how to submit requests to update or create plans. These requests should be submitted by June 1, 2019 to allow time for editing before publication to MyUI and the 2019-20 General Catalog.

Academic advisors, certificate coordinators, and other sample plan administrators may submit these requests now. However, to ensure accuracy, the Sample Plans team will hold the requests and not begin entering or editing the plan until the corresponding General Catalog entry has completed workflow and is finalized. 

5. New Guest Accounts

Marty Miller from Billing talked about the new Guest Accounts. 

Billing has recently rolled out new Guest Accounts! Parents or other third party now have their own unique HawkID and login allowing them to view their student’s information in MyUI.  Guests can not only see their information, if a past student, but also those of their student(s).    Students do have to invite guests, in order guests to create an account. For more information, please find the link below.

How to Create a Guest Account

Students can provide view-only access to the following pages for any guest(s) they trust:

  • Class Schedule
  • Grades
  • Financial Aid
  • Admission Profile
  • Tuition/Fees and University Bill

Only the STUDENT can update, change, or delete your guest accounts; no other University official can manage or change your guest accounts.

The ability to view information in MyUI through a guest account does not constitute a waiver of FERPA (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) restrictions.  Guest users may not be allowed to discuss information viewed through a guest account with a University official without a waiver of FERPA confidentiality restrictions by the UI student who has set up your guest account via the "Academic Record Consent Form." 


Important Upcoming Dates

  • Fall 2018 Close of Classes – December 7
  • Fall 2018 Final Grades Submission- December 5 - 19
  • Fall 2018 Commencement Ceremonies – December 13 – 16
  • Spring 2019 Final Exam Needs Tool Open- December 10
  • Spring 2019 Prerequisite Drop Date (UI Coursework) -  December 20
  • Spring 2019 Course Offerings Modification Deadline for all Undergraduate Courses - Tuesday Jan 1, 2019

Meetings for 2019 have been added to the Office of the Registrar website.