Student Academic Services Users Group - June 6, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Time and Location:

2 - 3 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 2025D UCC 


There was a 4th agenda item that was canceled for this meeting.

1. Student Honors in the Major Screen / Degree Application Process

Curt Graff - Office of the Registrar - Graduation Analysis and Becky Tjelmeland - ITS. ITS and the Office of the Registrar has been working with various colleges across campus to develop a process to track and award Honors in the Major students.  Advisors will now be able to go to the Program of Study Honors in the Major tab to indicate if a student is Interested or Pursing Honors in the Major.

Those students with the status of Pursing Honors will be able to add Honors in the Major to their Degree Application, at the time they apply for conferral.  After students have applied, departmental and collegiate advisors will be able to go in and apply Initial and Final Approval. This process mainly changes and affects CLAS Advisors and Collegiate Administrators.  For those Advisors in Business, Engineering and Nursing the process will stay relatively the same, except now they are able to enter Initial and Final Approval on their own.

2. Future Session Advisor Changes

Becky Tjelmeland - ITS. All Advisor changes can now be made on the student’s Program of Study Advisor Panel under Registrar area of the Person Inspector tab.  The Admission’s panel will now pull directly from this page, rather than storing it with Admissions.  There are several benefits to this change. Individuals with access to make updates to this panel will now have the ability to make future session advisor changes, as well as current.  In addition, multiple advisors will be able to be assigned prior to the start of the session for new, incoming students.  In the past, these changes had to wait until the first day of the session.

If you have any questions regarding this enhancements, please feel free to contact Ann Kunkel, in Admissions, and

3. Special Permission Panel Changes

Jessica Alberhasky - Office of the Registrar - REG-MAUI-Support. The Special Permissions screen under the Person Inspector has been recently enhanced.  This screen now allows ADAs and Collegiate Admin to add course and section level special permission, as well as prerequisite special permission for those courses they have access to in Offerings Planner.

Users are now able to select multiple course sections to apply section level special permission.  This will assist in cases when special permissions needs to be applied to a large, multi-section courses that may have restrictions (honors, majors) on a few sections.

Course level special permission can be applied by selecting the Subject and Course drop down and leaving the section drop down blank.  As a reminder, section level permission overrides prerequisites and restrictions, while course level permission only overrides restrictions.          


  • Midterm/Evening Exam submissions open on June 15, 2018
  • The Institutional Data Users Group (IDUG)
    • IDUG would like to invite you to their next meeting. Details including time, location, and agenda can be found by clicking Add Meeting to Calendar.
  • Offering Planner Deadlines
    • Winter 2018 session closed for editing on June 15.  All courses should be submitted to workflow no later than June 14. 
    • Spring 2019 session closed for editing on July 10. All courses should be submitted to workflow no later than July 9.
    • Deadline for Fall 2018 course changes is August 1. Course changes will be accepted up to this date for Fall 2018 without justification. After August 1, any course change will only be approved with sufficient justification provided on the workflow slip. Please see the Policy on Changes to Schedule of Courses for more information.

Previous meeting minutes and future meeting invites can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website.