Student Academic Services User Group Meeting Minutes - March 7, 2017

Time and Location: 2-3pm, Tuesday, March 7, 2017 2520D UCC


Tuition and Fees Rate Tables Overview

David Johnson, Office of the Registrar - Tuition and Fees showed the Tuition and Fee Tables on the Office of the Registrar website which you can now filter by Learning Centers.  David also showed the Course Fee Tables by Session which you can now filter by Subject.  

Classroom Scheduling New Website

Renee Houser and Caroline Jens, Office of the Registrar - Classroom Scheduling presented the new Classrooms website.  The new site has many of the same areas and navigation features but also provides a new Classroom Search function.  Users can now sort by Building, Classroom Type, and Features.  The individual classroom pages will also now display a daily calendar of events, for a full schedule of the classroom users will still need to use the Astra 7.5 Classroom Viewer.

Spring Commencement Sign-Up Form

Alysha Ahlf, Becky Keogh, Joshua Hutchison, & Sara Sullivan, Office of the Registrar - Commencement Team walked through the Spring '17 Commencement Sign-Up Form. The Office of the Registrar is asking for help for the 2 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Commencement ceremonies on May 13, 2017.  Available postions will be Card Hand-Out, Commencement Ambassadors, Greeters, and Line-up.  More information about these roles can be found on the form.

If anyone has a story of a graduate they would like to share, please contact Joshua Hutchison and he will help coordinate getting that student's story to Strategic Communications.

Course Approval Update

Chris Carlson, Office of the Registrar - Course Approval and Becky Tjelmeland, ITS presented a Course Approval Update

Please select your effective session carefully. The dropdown list will be changed to default to a blank, so you will need to pick the appropriate effective session.

Text boxes for cross-references, prerequisites, corequisites, recommendations, and requirements—Please do not open these boxes unless you need to change this data. To remove the data completely, open the box and leave it empty, or enter the text “none.” If you want to add to the text already listed, you’ll need to enter the existing text and make additions. Do not enter only the additions, because they will replace the other text when the form is processed on MAUI. To remove something from the text, enter the existing text and delete the unwanted text. When the form is processed, MAUI will be updated to display whatever is in these text boxes. The only exception is that it will not display “none” if you type that in the box to clarify that you are removing the data. More details are available by clicking on the “information” dot next to the box. We will also be adding text to the form for further clarification.

The following new features have been added:

  • Form history—This is a link at the bottom of the form that allows you to see changes that may have been made to the form by another user.
  • Summary of changes—This has been added to the top of the revise form to display the data that is being revised.
  • We are working on a printer-friendly version of the form. We will let you know when that is available.

Thanks for your patience as we upgrade course approval to universal workflow.  Please contact Christina Carlson by email or phone (319-335-2845) if you have any questions.

MAUI/ICON Grade Interface and new Instructor Options

Ross Miller, ITS demonstrated the MAUI/ICON Grade Interface which allows instructors to open a MAUI Grade window inside ICON which will allow a seamless transition of grade entry from ICON to MAUI within one system.  For a full list of new features and a detailed instructor guide please visit the new ICON help pages via the Canvas Community.

New MAUI Feature: Narrowed Restriction Dropdown based on College and/or Academic Unit

Jessica Alberhasky, Office of the Registrar - Reg-MAUI-Support showed the new Restriction list which is systematically narrowed down by Academic Unit or College.  With the increase in specified restrictions, the dropdown list was getting rather long.  With the new feature users will only see restrictions that apply to their Academic Unit or College along with the universal restrictions which will be viewable to all.


  • Midterm Class Lists are open from March 2, to March 23, 2017
  • Day/Time Registration Set-Up is scheduled for March 8.
  • Summer Early Registration is March 6, to March 10, 2017.

Student Academic Services Users Group Survey - The Office of the Registrar is looking for input regarding the monthly meeting.  Please fill out the 2 minute survey to help the office plan future agendas.

Questions/Comments? If you have any questions regarding the minutes or have suggestions for future agenda items please email us!  

Next Meeting - The next meeting will be 2-3pm, Wednesday, April 5, 2017 in 2520-D UCC - Add Meeting to Calendar Outlook Logo

Previous Meeting Minutes - Minutes from previous meetings are available on the Office of the Registrar website.