Student Academic Services Users Group April Meeting Minutes

Time and Location: 2-3pm, Wednesday April 5, 2017 2520D UCC 


  1. Bill Evanson and Becky Tjelmeland from ITS discussed Academic and Curriculum Planning and demonstrated the Schedule Builder  
    • The Curriculum Planning to is designed to illustrate a standard Plan of Study for a program or program of study.   It is a simple session-by-session plan showing the recommended course sequence required to complete a degree.
    • The Academic Planning tool is designed to assist students in mapping out their individualized academic career from Orientation to Graduation.  Students can use a program's curriculum plan as a model for developing their Academic Plan.  
    • The Schedule Builder will allow students to develop multiple schedules based on a set of courses and a variety of personal filters. The Schedule Building feature is scheduled to go live for Fall 2017 Orientation students. 
    • Timeline:
      • May 2017- Orientation pilot for Schedule Builder
      • August 2017- Begin development of Academic Plan
      • October 2017- Schedule Builder available to all student for Spring '18 courses in MyUI
      • January 2018- Begin rollout of Academic/Curriculum Plan
  2. Jolene Cole from REG-MAUI-Support - Office of the Registrar discussed Early Registration and Prerequisite Checking.
    • Early Registration Day & Time Assignment - With the exception of graduate and professional students for most part it's based on overall earned hours.  More information can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.
    • Special Permission - There are 3 types of Special Permissions.
      • Prerequisite Permission only overrides prerequisites.
      • Course Level Permission only overrides the restriction - If need both and also want to allow students to section change, would need to give both permissions.
      • Section Level Permission overrides both the prerequisite(s) and restrictions (Instructors can only assign this type of permission
    • Prerequisite status set by Departments/Administrators
      • Conditional Proof Required - student needs to provide proof they have the prerequisite(s).  Need to have the proof on file prior to the prerequisite check prior to the start of the session.  Email reminder notifications sent and if evidence isn't on file by date indicated, students is dropped from the course. Set by existing workflow form or can be manually entered.
      •  Met - Proof provided - necessary proof has been received for prerequisite & no further action required.
      •  Permanent - student is permanently enrolled and no further action is required.
      • In Progress UI Coursework - student is currently enrolled in prerequisite at UI & needs to successfully complete the prerequisite & particular grade, if applicable.  Program auto checks for prerequisite satisfacorily completion at time of final grade run.  Student does not need to submit additional proof of grade.
    • Auto set by MAUI during processing: In Progress UI Coursework; Met; Not Met (set when dropped from course)
    • Off-cycle courses are usually treated like regular courses (where students are dropped 3 days before it begins)
    • Prerequisites are not enforced for the 4 week or 1st 6 week summer subsession.  For the 8 week and 2nd 6 week summer subsession, it is the standard 3 days before classes begin.
  3. Joshua Hutchison from the Office of the Registrar showed the Registrar's Social Media plan, demonstrated some Website Analytics, and discussed some of the Survey Results 
    • The Office of the Registrar is now on Facebook! The office is looking for different ways to reach faculty, staff, and parents with their messaging. Talked about how it was helpful to meet with Michael Benning from Strategic Communications to develop a Social Media plan.
    • Google Analytics is available to any area with a Drupal web platform, non-web programmers can still get an account but they will need to work with their IT staff for the initial set-up.  Google Analytics will allow users to see how many page views they have, what pages are being viewed, and who is viewing them.  Can be very helpful in developing communication strategies.
    •  Thanks to everyone for filling out the Users Group Survey, it was helpful in determining some features that users would like to see.  
      • The Office of the Registrar will now email meeting minutes from the prior meeting along with an invite to the next meeting in a more timely manner.
      • Will also put the next 6 months of meeting invites onto the website.


  • Fall Early Registration is April 10 - 21, 2017
  • Last day for undergraduates to drop individual semester-length courses without dean's approval was April 3, 2017
  • Last day for undergraduates to withdraw entire registration is April 17, 2017
  • The next meeting will take place 2-3pm, Wednesday, May 3, 2017 in 2520-D UCC - Add Meeting to Calendar