Student Academic User Group September Meeting

Time and Location: 2-3pm, Wednesday September 6, 2017 2520D UCC 


Inactive Course Review

Chris Carlson from the Office of the Registrar presented information regarding the Inactive Course Review. 

Individual forms for courses not taught since Fall 2014 are available to view in MAUI.  Courses dropped per this report will be dropped effective Fall 2018.  There is no need to submit an additional Drop Course form.

To view forms in the Course Library, select Course Approval Workflow, then Form Type--Inactive Course.  Select either an Academic Unit or Course Subject, then select Status--In Progress.

Until 9/11, forms are available for anyone to view in MAUI.  Users can select a status and/or make comments, then update the form.  9/6-11 is a window of time for ADAs to review courses before forms appear in Academic Workflow DDEO's box.

Monday, 9/11, forms will be active, appearing in the workflow for a unit's Academic Workflow DDEO.  

Each form must be submitted to workflow with a "keep" or "drop" status by the Academic Workflow DDEO.  The form will be routed to the collegiate dean, and then to the Registrar's Office.

Forms are due in the Registrar's Office by Friday, September 22, 2017.

Textbook Announcement

Jessica Alberhasky from REG-MAUI-Support - Office of the Registrar gave a Textbook Announcement. 

Iowa Hawk Shop Data File
Starting August 18th, we began uploading a textbook data file from the Iowa Hawk Shop for fall 2017.  We received feedback from departments that the data feed was inaccurate and posting the wrong textbook(s) for their courses.  We stopped running this data file on August 24.  We did not delete the last information uploaded, as many departments had already made the necessary adjustments within their course offerings.  

Currently, we are working with the Iowa Hawk Shop to clean-up the imported data file.  It is now being imported into our testing environment, rather than production.  This will allow us to thoroughly test our import process and file before textbook information comes in for Spring 2018.  

In the future, the data file will be imported into MAUI each morning.  The textbook information imported from the day before will be deleted and the new information will be entered.  If a department has already entered information into "Other Resources" or "Enter Book Details", the data file will not overlay that information.  Thus, if a department places an order with the bookstore and enter the details themselves, there will be duplicate information listed.  It's to the department's benefit to work closely with the bookstore and their instructor to get the order entered correctly.

New Features in Textbooks and Resources
There are several new features regarding Textbooks and Resources.  Some are already in MAUI, others will be coming soon!

  • An area for departments to indicate extenuating circumstances.  These circumstances include: an instructor has not been assigned to this section, course is under development, and materials are currently not available. (coming soon)
  • An administrative check box to indicate that a textbook order has been placed.  This is for departmental use only and will not be used to indicate compliance. (coming soon)
  • Textbook and Resources listing in MyUI for students.  This will allow students to see a full listing of their textbook and resource information for a given semester. (in MyUI currently)
  • Departments will begin to receiving additional reminders toplace textbook order or enter textbook information into MAUI.  (first email will come around October 9th)

Departmental Requirements and Suggestions

  • Please do not enter textbook information into the "Other Resources" field.  This field should only be used for things other than textbooks or for explanation of textbook material.
  • Do not enter textbook details if you plan to place an order with the Iowa Hawk Shop.  This information will be duplicated when the textbook import occurs.
  • Work directly with the bookstore regarding orders.  It's important to stay in constant communication with the Iowa Hawk Shop.  If you have an edition change or remove a textbook, the Iowa Hawk Shop will need to know so they can make changes to the data file and order the correct book.  Many departments have their instructors order textbooks directly with the bookstore. If your textbook information differs from what the Iowa Hawk Shop has listed, it could be that they had a direct conversation with the instructor.

Schedule Builder Update

Becky Tjelmeland from ITS and Jessica Alberhasky from REG-MAUI-Support - Office of the Registrar gave a Schedule Builder update. 

Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder will go live to continuing students on October 9th.  This is the same day MyUI opens for course browse.  Please ensure you have all your courses in approved status as soon as possible so students can use them to build their schedules.

The Office of the Registrar will work with Academic Advising to provide training and support to faculty, staff, and students before Schedule Builder is open to campus.

  • The Registrar's Office will work on two separate webpages: one for students, the other for faculty and staff.
    • These will contain information relevant to the individual populations:  the screencasts made by Advising, cheat sheets, screen shots, and who to contact within their college for assistance.
  • Academic Advising plans to create two different videos (screencasts) for continuing students.
    • The first explains how to search for courses, set filters, pin, store preferred schedules, rank, prerequisites, etc. 
    • The second video will be more registration related. This video will come closer to early registration.
  • Approximately, one week before courses go live on MyUI, which is October 9th, we will send out two separate communications.  These communications will announce Schedule Builder and point users to the webpage where we have the helpful documentation.
    • Faculty/ Staff-  September 25th
    • Students- October 2nd  (might put something also in MyUI Messages)
  • We are adding help popups to Schedule Builder.

Academic Calendar (New Calendar View!)

Joshua Hutchison from the Office of the Registrar showed a new calendar view in the Academic Calendar.  

  • The new calendar view can be found on the Academic Calendar under the Registrar tab. You can select month, week, or day view and filter by context or category.  
  • Also the context tabs have been reconfigured into a dropdown selection like many other pages in MAUI.
  • If anyone has suggestions about creating new date categories; or would like to look into adding additional dates into the Academic Calendar for their colleges, please contact 
  • The Office of the Registrar is working on incorporating some of these new features to a public facing view on the website. A more concise 5 year calendar view is a top priority.


  • Attendance Lists are now open for Fall 2017 and will close on September 21st at 5 p.m.  Attendance class list submission is a requirement of federal financial aid regulations. Locate step-by-step instructions, attendance class list information, attendance definition, student non-attendance processing, and automatic section change information here. If you have any further questions, please contact
  • Degree Applications for Fall 2017 are due Friday, September 29, 2017.
  • Spring 2018 course offerings will reopen and be available viewing on MyUI starting October 9, 2017.
  • All 2017 and 2018 Student Academic Services Users Group meeting invitations have been added to the Office of the Registrar website