Administrative Fees

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Admission/Tuition Deposit 

Admission/Tuition Deposit DDS $500
Admission/Tuition Deposit DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) $300
Admission/Tuition Deposit JD- first deposit April 1 $250
Admission/Tuition Deposit JD- second deposit June 1 $150
Admission/Tuition Deposit MBA $300
Admission/Tuition Deposit MD $50
Admission/Tuition Deposit PharmD $250
Admission/Tuition Deposit Physician Assistant Program (Deposit) $400
Admission/Tuition Deposit Radiation Sciences (Carver College of Medicine) $400
Admission/Tuition Deposit Nuclear Medicine Technology (Carver College of Medicine) $400
Application for Admission (non-refundable) Undergraduate Domestic Student and Nondegree Student $40
Application for Admission (non-refundable) Graduate/Professional Domestic Student $60
Application for Admission (non-refundable) Graduate/Professional International Student $100
Application for Admission (non-refundable) Undergraduate International Student $85
Application for Admission (non-refundable) PharmD (Pharmacy College Admission Service Fee) $100
Application for Admission (non-refundable) Reentry


Background Check (students involved in patient care)   $50
Billing: Deferred Payment Fee Per Semester (Fall, Spring) $20
Billing: Deferred Payment Fee Summer Session $15
CLEP Score Report   $5
Degree Application Application Fee $75
Degree Application Late Fee for applying for degree after deadline $20
Departmental Exam for Credit   $100
Diploma Replacement   $25
Employer Reimbursement Deferred Billing Fee   $35
Fax Fee (for sending official documents)   $7
Graduate College Thesis Fees Master's $145
Graduate College Thesis Fees Master's Thesis Publication Fee $10
Graduate College Thesis Fees PhD, DMA $155
ID Card Replacement   $25
International Student & Scholar Services English Proficiency Evaluation (EPE) examination fee $30
International Student & Scholar Services Administrative Fee, each semester of enrollment $70
International Student & Scholar Services Administrative Fee, each summer session of enrollment $35
Late Payment of Fees and Charges   $25
New Student Programs/Matriculation Fees   $250
Undergraduate International Student Orientation Additional Program $120
Nursing National Student Nursing Association Membership Fee two years $70

Refund Schedule (withdrawal of entire registration)

Refund Schedule for Reduced Load (reduction of hours)

Registration Fees

Reissue Check Fee

Returned Check/Direct Debit Fee

Study Abroad

Transcripts: First and Each Additional Copy

Zero Credit Internship Fee

Academic Fees 

Applied Dance Fee

Applied Music Fee

College of Nursing

College of Dentistry

Hospital Certificate Technology Programs (per year)

Dual Degree Fee for MPH/DVM students (per year)

Dual Degree Fee for MPH students in UI Combined Degree Program (per year)

Continuing Education (per credit hour; applies to Workshops and Lakeside Lab)

Tippie College of Business

College of Public Health

Carver College of Medicine

REACH Program