Drop Authorization Project Demonstration

Becky Tjelmeland (ITS) demonstrated the new drop online process that will begin in Fall 2016.  MyUI will remain open for drops throughout the semester/session.  Messages will be displayed in MyUI regarding specific permissions needed, deadlines and warnings.  Instructor permission will no longer be required to drop.  Once students have obtained all required permissions they will receive an email notifying them they can finalize the drop in MyUI.  She also gave us a sneak peek into the MAUI side of the process where advisors, deans, ISSS and others will enter permissions.  It is important to note that this is not a Workflow process but works in the same fashion as authorizing students to register in MAUI. 

Becky will make updates based on feedback from the meeting. The latest demo will be presented at the August meeting.  It will include reports that departments can use to monitor drops.

Electronic Transcripts

Sarah Harris (Office of the Registrar) shared that effective July 5, 2016, secure pdf delivery is now an option for transcripts.  An email is sent to the recipient telling them they have a University of Iowa transcript to view; the email contains a URL and passcode.  The document is available for 30 days or 20 openings.  The requestor is sent an email each time the document is viewed.

Communication plan for the University Record and Document Fee

Joshua Hutchison and Larry Lockwood outlined the communication plan for the University Record and Document fee new in Fall 2016.  The Office of the Registrar planned (and succeeded) in identifying students who will be charged the new fee and emailing them on the benefits of the new fee before it posts to their first UBill.  The Office of the Registrar is planning to include this information in the “Welcome Back” email to returning students and in a memo to faculty and staff with other key items new in Fall 2016 (Online Drop Process, Electronic Transcripts, and Inclusive Student Records).  The messages to students and faculty/staff will be sent approximately one week prior to the start of the Fall session.  The Office of the Registrar is also collaborating with the Office of Strategic Communication to deliver this message to parents and the public via IowaNow and the Daily Iowan.


Summer Session Final Grade Deadlines in August:

Final grades may be entered starting Wednesday, July 27th. Instructors should have grades submitted by Tuesday, August 9th so DEO Grades Approvers are able to approve all grades by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 10th.