How to Submit Evening Midterm Exam Assignment Needs

Detailed instructions with pictures on how to submit evening midterm exam needs are available on the MAUI Help Site.

Only academic department administrators with course creation/edit access can submit evening midterm exam needs.  Evening midterm exam needs are submitted online via MAUI as follows:

  • Log into MAUI.
  • Click on the Registrar tab at the top of the page.
  • Under Course Management, click on Offerings Planner.
  • Located on the left hand side of the screen under Planner Menu, select Exam Needs.

Important Notes:

  • Course section data is based on real time data.
  • Only approved lecture and stand-alone course sections qualify to have exam assignments given to them.
  • Courses will only appear under their administrative home department and only the administrative home department may indicate the exam assignment needs of a course section.
  • All departments can view the exam needs of any other department.
  • Departments can submit evening midterm exam assignment needs through this application at any point during the session. The needs can be edited only until Classroom Scheduling has created the evening midterm exam assignment. Once an evening midterm exam assignment has been created by Classroom Scheduling, departments may only view their submitted needs.