Inclusive Student Record

Kendra Malone discussed the origin of the Inclusive Student Records project, members of the committee, and the timeline for how the project came to be.  Sarah Harris and Bill Evanson demonstrated adding Preferred Names and Pronouns of Reference in MyUI.  The Preferred Name and Pronoun of Reference will display in the MAUI Banner and on classlists.

Information about Identity Terminology and more Resources for Trans Communities and their Allies can be found on their website.

Drop Authorization Project Demonstration

Becky Tjelmeland (ITS) demonstrated the new drop online process that will begin in Fall 2016.  MyUI will remain open for drops throughout the semester/session.  Messages will be displayed in MyUI regarding specific permissions needed, deadlines and warnings.  Instructor permission will no longer be required to drop.  Once students have obtained all required permissions they will receive an email notifying them they can finalize the drop in MyUI.  She also gave us an in depth look into the MAUI side of the process where advisors, deans, ISSS and others will enter permissions.  It is important to note that this is not a Workflow process but works in the same fashion as authorizing students to register in MAUI. 

More information can be found on the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising Center’s websites. 


Becky Tjelmeland (ITS) briefly outlined the new StrengthsQuest project where all new 1st Year Students will fill out what their Strengths are.  This will display in the Advising Summary panel in MAUI.


  • Summer Session courses opened for final grades on Wednesday, July 27th. Instructors should have grades submitted by Tuesday, August 9th. DEO Grades Approvers should approve all grades by 5 pm on Wednesday, August 10th.
  • Prerequisite permission reminder:Students with conditional prerequisite permission for fall courses will be dropped from those courses on Wednesday, August 17th.  Beginning Monday, August 15th ONLY permanent permission can be granted.
  • Course cancellation process and approval required when students are enrolled in the course:  Please be sure the current enrollment is not above the cap your college has set for course cancellations before notifying  If you have a question regarding a CLAS course cancellation, please contact Marlys Boote.  For other courses cancellations outside of CLAS, please check with your appropriate Dean’s Office.


***Reminder:  Summer 2017 MAUI Planner is open to departments July 5 – September 6***

For undergraduate courses running during the 4 week, 6 week I and 12week sessions – The first day of class will be Tuesday, May 16, 2017. 

  • Please make sure to adjust the contact minutes accordingly on those affected courses before submitting to workflow.  Some exceptions were granted in Summer 2016 and will need to be reconfirmed for Summer 2017.
  • Please submit these offerings as full sub-session sections rather than off-cycle.  We remind you to enter in the Registration Information field “First Meeting Day is Tuesday, May 16…or appropriate start day of week.
  • Please note the full sub-session date range will be visible in MAUI Planner regardless of first meeting day which makes the Registration Information statement important for the students
  • Departments with undergrad courses needing to meet on Monday, May 15 may send an e-mail with justification to from the Chair, requesting a start date exception

Courses affected by Tuesday, May 16 start date:

0000 – 0999: Remedial

1000 – 2999: Lower-level undergraduate

3000 – 4999: Upper-level undergraduate & graduate

5000 – 5999: College of Engineering upper-level undergraduate & graduate

Courses excluded:

5000 – 7999: Graduate-level

8000 – 9999: Professional-level

Professional Schools: Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy

Study Abroad

Sections at Lakeside Lab

Independent Study or Arranged off-campus locations (i.e., Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, etc.)

Management Type of Distance Education (EX*, GIS, off-campus; includes Public Health Distance)


Any 6 Week II, 8 Week, or Off-Cycle section that begins Tuesday, May 16, 2017 or later