Instructional Facilities Governance Reporting 2019 Timeline

Approximate dates listed below.
Report compiled on yearly basis.

  • August 5 - Notification email sent to departments to review fall course offerings in MAUI Course Planner with established deadline date.
    • By September 4 at 11:59 pm, departments must complete any inaccurate or missing section details affecting their departmental utilization figures. This includes review of all “ARR” sections.
    • Any section left as “ARR” or incomplete will not be counted nor reported to the Board of Regents for utilization purposes after deadline date.
  • August 26 - Classes Open
  • September 4 at 11:59 pm - Departmental deadline for review.
  • September 9 - (Census Date) Data pulled for reporting.
  • September 10 - September 30 – Process utilization data from Astra Schedule prepare reports for submission.
  • October 1- Utilization report series complied