Student Academic Services Users Group April Meeting Minutes

Time and Location:

2 - 3 pm April 4, 2018 in 2520D UCC 


1. Textbook Updates   

Jessica Alberhasky from REG-MAUI-Support - Office of the Registrar gave updates on Textbook information.

  • New “Textbook” Tile - The new Textbook tile is located on the home page of MyUI under “Student Information”.  Once on the Textbook panel, students can find a full listing of textbooks and resources for a given semester.  Students can also find this panel by clicking on the “Textbooks and Resources” next to their schedule on their “Courses/Registration” tab in MyUI.
  • “Copy to All Sections” for Other Resources- Departmental Administrators now have the ability to “Copy to All Sections” for Other Resources within the Textbook panel in Offerings Planner.  If “Copy to All Sections” is selected, this information will copy to all lecture and standalone sections associated to the course.
  • New “Textbook” Compliance Tool- Departmental Administrators can now check their compliance for a given subject by session.  This feature can be found on the Offerings Planner area of MAUI under the Unsatisfied Waitlist Report.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding textbook information, please contact

2. Waitlist Updates  

Jolene Cole from REG-MAUI-Support - Office of the Registrar and Becky Tjelmeland from ITS gave updates on Waitlist enhancements. 

  • Becky mentioned possible enhancements mentioned at previous user’s group meeting.  Current waitlist process in place since 2014.  Waitlist advisory committee has met to discuss the enhancement and the updates shared here are just some of them with more to come in the future.
  • Emails regarding the implemented updates to the waitlist process were shared with students, instructors, academic departmental administrators and DEOs.
  • If students are on more than one waitlist for a course in the same session and: 
    • after being notified of seat availability they accept the seat and accept the offer, they are then removed from any other requested waitlisted sections of the course.  
    • have two pending offers at the same time for different sections and they accept the seat and offer for one, the other pending offer remains until it expires (unless they decline it) and they are removed from other requested waitlisted sections of the course. 
    • decline the seat, they remain on other requested waitlisted sections of the course.
  • Removal from other waitlisted sections of the same course occurs in the same session, regardless of: 
    • lecture, discussion, and/or lab combinations (related sections)
    • sections with different subtitles/topics
    • Summer sub-sessions 
  • If they are only on one waitlist for a course in the same session, there were no changes implemented. 
  • Within offerings planner, there is now a Removed waitlist status count as well as a view of students in Removed status.
  • Removed waitlist status will also display on waitlist panel within student record.
  • The waitlist update emails have been posted on our website under both student correspondence ( and faculty/staff correspondence (  The information is also available on  

3. Summer 2018 Orientation Schedule 

Tina Arthur from Orientation Services and Jill Trumm from Academic Advising talked about the new Orientation schedule. 

In past years Orientation used computer labs around campus to have large groups of students register together. This process tied up lots of physical resources of scheduling computer labs and put a strain on the servers when all the students hit the register button at the same time.

The new schedule will take place over fewer days in the summer and all students will meet individually with their advisors to get registered. There will be some overlap in sessions so some students will be finishing up their Day 2 when other students will be beginning their Day 1.

4. Sample/Academic Plans 

Julie Fell from the Office of the Registrar and Bill Evanson from ITS talked about the Sample/Academic Plan project.  They talked about the project origins, timelines, and current progress.  They gave updates on Schedule Builder integration and usage and next steps.

Becky Keogh and Fran Boyken from the Sample Plan Team -  Office of the Registrar gave a presentation on Sample Plans.  They detailed how Sample Plans are created, how they will be used in MyUI and MAUI, and how they will be maintained through workflow processes. 

The full presentation can be found here: PDF iconSample Plan Meeting Minutes 4-4-2018

Jill Trumm from Academic Advising and Becky Tjelmeland from ITS demonstrated the Academic Plans in MyUI and MAUI. They showed how students will be able to build Academic Plans in MyUI and how administrators will be able to view those plans in MAUI. 


  • Important April Dates:
    • Drop a Course - Last Day - Undergraduate: April 2, 2018
    • Drop a Course - Last Day - Graduate: April 10, 2018
    • Fall 2018 Early Registration: April 9 - April 20, 2018
    • Last Day for Undergraduates to Withdraw Entire Registration: April 16, 2018
  • Commencement Sign-Up - There is still time to sign up to help out with Spring Commencement! Sign-Up here.
  • Previous meeting minutes and future meeting invites can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website.