COVID-19 Update

While many of the bookstores are closed due to COVID-19, they are all continuing to take orders and answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to continue to reach-out via phone or email.

Textbook Contact Information

Some departments utilize administrative staff to collect and place textbook orders for instructors. Others ask instructors to place their own orders. Those decisions continue to be made by the department and are not impacted by textbook and resource enhancements in MAUI/MyUI.

Iowa Book

Call Scooter Hare at (319) 337-4188, or email

Iowa Hawk Shop/University Bookstore

Order Now Online, call Bill Hockensmith at (319) 335-3184, or email

ISBA Bookstore

Order Now Online,  Call Abe Endecott at (319) 335-9053 or email

Prairie Lights

Call Jan Weissmiller or Terry Cain at (319) 337-2681, or email or