The following screen shots provide an example of how a student would initiate and accept a section change request in MyUI

MyUI Section Change Instructions

  • Log-in to MyUI
  • Click on Courses/Registration in the yellow banner

Courses/Registration tab in MyUI.
  • Click on the Change link located to the right of the course for which you wish to request a section change, then click Change Section

Change link located to the right of each course the student is enrolled in.
Change section link
  • Select the radio button to the left of the desired section, scroll down if needed and click the green Request Section Change button

Student uses radio button to select desired section.
  • Agree to obtain required authorizations (permissions)

Student works through permissions information prior to initiating the section change.
  • Student receives detailed email with information about the pending registration change and what actions need to be taken by the student

Section change initiation email sample.
  • The Pending Section Change will be listed above the student's existing schedule, showing which permissions are needed
    • This panel will update as permissions are granted, and when the final permission is given, the "Complete Update" button will appear

Section change pending on registration panel.
  • Contact each permission needed
  • After the last permission is authorized, the student receives an email letting them know they can return to MyUI to complete the section change

Section change approved message.

Section Change Approved

  • Student returns to Courses/Registration page and clicks Complete Update link to the right of the course

Student returns to MyUI to finalize section change
  • Review warning, click Continue, click Complete Section Change

Warning message asking if the student wants to complete the update.
Student clicks "finalize section change" to continue
  • Student sees message that they have successfully completed the section change

Green bar shows message confirming enrollment has been updated.

Section Change Denied

  • If the section change is denied, student receives and email letting them know why their request was denied and whom they should contact with questions

Section change request denied email.
  • The student's pending registration change area indicates the section change was denied

Section change denial shows on the pending changes area above student's schedule.